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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Reliability of Channeled Information and Intuitive Readings

Confusion often arises over the accuracy of information provided to clients by mediums, intuitive readers, diagnostic readers, and other channelers. I am often asked how to determine if channeled information is accurate, comprehensive, flexible or “set in stone” so as to be unchangeable. Whenever working with mediums and intuitive readers, please keep the following in mind:

1.      All channeled information is filtered through the conscious mind, emotions and vocabulary of the channeler. Filtered information may contain information which is biased based on the beliefs and understanding of the channeler. A “pure channel” is a person who is able to allow their conscious mind to “step aside” during the session so that the channeler cannot filter or bias the information. This is much easier said than done.  Read More…

Progression Therapy

Progression therapy is similar to regression therapy, except that it looks at future events instead of focusing on the past. The world has always had prophets, clairvoyants, and psychics who predict future events; many are charlatans, but some are absolutely remarkable in terms of their ability to peer into tomorrow. Many of these predictions and events are recorded in the great religious books, such as The Bible, and all religions have predictions about future events which were envisioned by “inspired prophets.”

Nostradamus: A Prophet for the Ages

Some prophecies and predictions are extraordinarily accurate even over a span of centuries. For example, Nostradamus is a widely known prophet who published his “quatrains” (prophecies) in the 16th century. Some of Nostradamus’s quatrains appear to have predicted key events of the 20th century, including major players in such events (e.g., Hitler in World War II). Followers of Nostradamus also link his prophecies with the 2012 end date of the Mayan Calendar and the corresponding world-wide disasters, which is sometimes referred to as the “end of days.”

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

A more recent seer of the future was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) who was able to look into the distant past as well as the future. By closing his eyes and placing himself into a trance-like state (an altered state of consciousness), Edgar Cayce was able to connect to recorded information (which he referred to as the Akashic Records) from all time, past and future; he could also connect to the universal consciousness (also referred to as the super-conscious mind). From these resources, he was able to respond to a wide range of questions from individuals across the USA and even in other parts of the world. Included among his predictions of future events are a possible polar shift in 2012 which would bring world-wide disaster (widely addressed on the internet). Read More…

Regression Therapy — Including Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy

Regression therapy uses hypnosis as a tool for accessing the subconscious mind where the client’s long term memory is stored. Once the long term memory is accessed, the client’s subconscious is “regressed” or moved back in time through the memories of the client’s life to uncover the root cause of any illness or dis-ease (intentionally spelled this way).

Hypnosis is a marvelous tool for regression therapy, whereby a skilled hypnotherapist can use time-tested techniques to locate the root problem(s) much more rapidly than psychotherapy alone. Once the root cause is identified, the client can learn to examine the event(s) from a higher perspective and subsequently release the emotional energies. Read More…

The Law of Evolution

The purpose and direction of all existence is evolution. Static existence is meaningless for any life form, any soul, any entity. Existence has value only through its inherent opportunity for growth through change.

We evolve only through change; without change, existence is static. Learning is demonstrated only by change, which is the transition from one perspective and direction to another. Experience is the path to learning, the path to change, the path into evolution.

The root purpose of life in any form is to evolve beyond our current experiential perspective. The purpose of physical life is to experience that which we cannot experience from the soul plane and the higher spiritual dimensions. A core purpose of spirit life as independent souls is for the Universal Creator to experience that which He could not experience to the same degree when We were only One. As our individual experiences help us to grow, they impact others around us and help them to grow. It is through this collective growth process that the Creator also evolves.

- channeled by John J. Kelly
(comments for discussion are welcome)


Most people are familiar with the concepts of meditation and hypnosis, but they may not be aware of their therapeutic benefits. Practitioners often debate the differences between the two activities, yet there are important shared aspects. Most notable among them is that both meditation and hypnosis produce an altered state of consciousness, thereby creating a heightened state of suggestability. Therefore, they can both be used as therapeutic tools by a certified or licensed practitioner, as well as being used for self-induction techniquest by private groups and individuals.

The following discussion provides a very brief introduction to meditation; hypnosis and hypnotherapy are discussed in a separate article. Read More…

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The previous article (post) discussed meditation as a natural form of therapy available to everyone. Meditation assists the individual to establish and maintain harmony among the body, mind and spirit. Hypnosis is quite similar to meditation in that both produce an altered state of consciousness, thereby creating a heightened state of suggestibility. When used correctly as a therapeutic tool, this increased state of suggestibility can be used to alter thinking processes so as to eliminate phobias (fears), minimize pain and anger, balance energy systems, retrieve forgotten information from the past, and open hidden, previously inaccessible experiences and memories.

The following discussion provides a very brief introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. An introduction to meditation is in a separate article. Read More…

What is Soul Therapy

The Soul Therapist believes that we are all spiritual beings having a short term physical life experience. The Soul Therapist further believes that the Soul of each person has established a plan for maximizing the benefits of each significant positive or negative experience while in the physical life condition. The Soul does not dictate every moment of the physical life experience, but it plans in advance and arranges every significant experience for a specific reason, and that reason is always associated with the advancement or growth of the Soul.

Therefore, it is the Soul which makes the choice of parents, race, color, religious upbringing, relationships and relationship challenges, position or status in life, country and location of birth, timing of physical life departure (death), and the mechanism of physical death. It is the Soul which holds the key to all illness, dysfunction, and healing:  Read More…

Modern Therapies for Alternative Healing

Most people who become physically or mentally ill turn to the medical community for help in controlling, mitigating or preferably eliminating the symptoms. As discussed herein, the term “medical community” refers to all forms of traditional medical practice, including the psychiatric community; as such, it focuses primarily on treatment of the body and the mind of the patient or client, with the spiritual therapeutic component typically being a distant consideration.

Given the extensive experience of today’s medical practitioners and the extraordinary technological advancement of medical science, modern medical practice has substantially improved the quality of life and extended the life of the great majority of people, as well as performing what would have been considered as miraculous healing just one or two centuries ago. Interestingly, the term “miracle” is normally reserved for the spiritual community; we should not be so conservative in the application of the term, for miracles have no boundaries. Equally important, the boundaries of miracles are pushed back when we combine the synergistic healing potentials of body, mind and spirit.

Around the world, more and more people are recognizing and even accepting the healing potential of spiritual therapies, many of which fall into the category of  “soul therapies” as will be discussed extensively in The Soul Channel blog. As evidence of the expanding use of alternative therapies, roughly half of all Danish people have used some form of CAM treatments, and 75% of adults in the USA have used one or more CAM therapies. And of course the Chinese and other Asian countries have used “Chinese medicine,” such as acupuncture, for millennia. Read More…

Getting Started


This is my first post; an exciting event. As I type away at the keyboard, I cannot help but wonder to what corners of the world my words may travel today or in the future. Whose eyes will glide across the screen to test the flavor of my words and decide if my thoughts are worthy of mingling with their own? Who will allow my words to resonate in their heart, for this blog is less about the mind than about the energetic connection of the physical heart with the heart of the soul. Strange concepts for some; immediately recognized by others; worthy of discussion over time as more and more posts are added to this weblog.

So let me begin by saying welcome to the Soul Channel and inviting you to become more involved over time. Although this site is in its infancy, I plan to expand it as time permits and as my understanding of the software and supporting technology evolves. For now, your comments, including questions, to the various posts will provide both feedback for improvement and recommendations for future posted discussions. Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John