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Getting Started


This is my first post; an exciting event. As I type away at the keyboard, I cannot help but wonder to what corners of the world my words may travel today or in the future. Whose eyes will glide across the screen to test the flavor of my words and decide if my thoughts are worthy of mingling with their own? Who will allow my words to resonate in their heart, for this blog is less about the mind than about the energetic connection of the physical heart with the heart of the soul. Strange concepts for some; immediately recognized by others; worthy of discussion over time as more and more posts are added to this weblog.

So let me begin by saying welcome to the Soul Channel and inviting you to become more involved over time. Although this site is in its infancy, I plan to expand it as time permits and as my understanding of the software and supporting technology evolves. For now, your comments, including questions, to the various posts will provide both feedback for improvement and recommendations for future posted discussions.

Life After Life

It is not possible to introduce and maintain a site like this without believing in life after life — that is to say, believing that we are all spiritual beings participating in a physical life experience. Between lives I serve in the role of a guide dedicated to the teaching and advancement of other souls. In this physical life, I am a spiritual consultant and my life plan is all about communication. As such, I consider the development of this site and the sharing of its contents as a means of reaching out to others seeking a broader understanding of spirituality, the soul, and the Soul Side Support System, as well as their role in the daily joy and challenges of physical life.

Continuing Site Development

As time passes, it is intended that the site will add a Forum for questions, answers and open discussions. It will also include links to other recommended sites, books/media, archives, RSS feeds and subscriptions. Hopefully those will all be active by September 2011.

Postings (articles) will come at first from John Kelly, who is the site developer; eventually other authors will be invited to contribute. Topical areas for discussion will include (but are not limited to):

  1. Soul fundamentals (soul groups, soul mates, twin souls)
  2. Soul therapies (meditation, regression, fragmentation)
  3. Soul Side Support System (guardians, guides, teachers)
  4. Channeling
  5. Automatic writing and excerpts from such writings
  6. Related books and other media (reviews, discussions, availability, authors, CDs, recordings)
  7. 2012 and YOU

Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel. We look forward to your continuing participation, as well as your comments, suggestions for improvement, and questions on soul-related issues.

John J. Kelly


6 Responses to Getting Started

  1. snalee

    Hi John,

    I’m a friend of your daughter Dawn and she forwarded your blog to me.
    Just wanted to say hello and that it’s nice to know other people who believe in the same knowledge. I have been on this journey for a short time, only the past 8-9 months, but I’ve learned so much and continue on this esoteric journey. Having read books from Jane Austin, Dr. Michael Newton, Edgar Casey, Rudolf Steiner and several NDE authors, my eyes have been opened to a new truth beyond the Christian religion I’ve grown up with. I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog.

    • jjpkelly

      Thank you for your comments, and welcome to The Soul Channel. You already seem well read on the topic of spirituality. In many ways, reading these materials for the first time is enviable in terms of the internal reaction to the spiritual realities. Another recent very good eye-opener is “The Evolution Angel” by Michael Todd. If you would like to share one or two specific spiritual areas which have truly captivated your interest, perhaps I or another participant to The Soul Channel could suggest another good read. Since this site is clearly in its infancy, all such comments will help to guide us down rabbit holes which are of particular interest to participants.

  2. ueaston

    Hello John,
    Congratulations on this new adventure, I am so looking forward to all kinds of interesting posts as this site develops and grows.
    All my best wishes!

  3. snalee

    I’m currently in the middle of reading Seth Speaks and it’s put quite a bit of emphasis on becoming more aware of the nature of reality, that reality is a belief limited by perception. In order to understand this principle, I want to expand my perceptive abilities. Specifically, I’ve been practicing expanding my visual, auditory, and other sensory perceptions to the invisible nature of life force and all that encompasses the Source and my identity. The idea is that by exposing the senses to the true nature of thought, we will be more aware of our inner self and everything else. This is also the concepts that Rudolf Steiner espouses through his Anthroposophy teachings. My initial introduction of the esoteric studies were from near-death experience anecdotes. This gave me a broad and sometimes confusing picture of what our true nature is. As I continued to read more diverse aspects of the esoteric concepts, I ended up reading accounts of spirit life through the books of Michael Newton and now Jane Austin. These books give a much more logical picture of spirit life as well as explaining why there were so many diverse experiences of those who have died and returned. From this, I’ve developed an idea about what we are, why we exist, and where go on from here. The sum of my current studies is that we are what we make of ourselves through our beliefs and that any limitations are due of our beliefs, as well as all possibilities from our beliefs. In order to overcome my limiting beliefs, I need to expand my concepts of reality, hence walking the path of opening up my perceptive abilities. This journey has helped open my mind to what eternity is (there is no such thing as eternity since eternity is a word derived from the concept of time. Without time, eternity is the only alternative, which is the constant “now”-ness), what reality is (we create reality through individual and collective thought, which is also the nature of the Source, and we each are and individual aspect of Source in the same way that our physical body’s multitude of cells are individual aspects of our own “self”), and where every living identity fits in.

    • John J. Kelly

      Hello again, Snalee. You write quite well. Your previous comment indicated that this is a new path for you; it is clear that you are excited about this new path of exploration. I have scheduled a new article to be posted on Thursday about progression therapy. In the article I discuss Edgar Cayce and his exceptional ability to look into the future and well as the past. I could just as easily discussed Rudolf Steiner, who was also a famous clairvoyant. I recall from an earlier email that you are also a Cayce fan, so you have already discovered two of the true masters of spirituality. Since you are also curious about life after life and near death experiences, and recognizing that there are many, many books on the topics, I would encourage looking into the related research by Raymond Moodyand by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (e.g., Life After Life); these two are of the giants in this field, and their books read like potato chips: difficult to consume only one.

      You commented that “we are what we make of ourselves through our beliefs and that any limitations are due of our beliefs, as well as all possibilities from our beliefs.” This is true; you might consider expanding this concept to include: The Source or Universal Creator has established and continues to sustain the energies which make all things possible, provided that we do not impose on the free will of another; we can choose to believe or not to believe in ourselves and our abilities, just as we can choose to impose limitations on our possibilities; where we fail in terms of perspective is when we choose to impose limitations on the possibilities of the Universal Creator. Thank you for your contribution, Snalee.

      • snalee

        Thank you for the reading suggestion. I am eager to learn as much as I can from all who have thread this path.

        You are right. Without Source, we would not have our being or the ability to be. I wish more people would see the truth of “God” rather than holding onto a simple idea of “God”. They wouldn’t live with such fear, whether they admit their fear or not. And those who deny a “God” would not live with such hate at what is the nature of creativity and free-will and their ability to be (the standard excuse to deny “God”, “why would a good God allow evil?”). Although I do not act or claim to be a therapist, I do enjoy discussing my new-found experience with others in the hope that questions about good and evil and those like it can be answered to their satisfaction. The more I can learn, the better I can teach.


“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John