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What is Soul Therapy

The Soul Therapist believes that we are all spiritual beings having a short term physical life experience. The Soul Therapist further believes that the Soul of each person has established a plan for maximizing the benefits of each significant positive or negative experience while in the physical life condition. The Soul does not dictate every moment of the physical life experience, but it plans in advance and arranges every significant experience for a specific reason, and that reason is always associated with the advancement or growth of the Soul.

Therefore, it is the Soul which makes the choice of parents, race, color, religious upbringing, relationships and relationship challenges, position or status in life, country and location of birth, timing of physical life departure (death), and the mechanism of physical death. It is the Soul which holds the key to all illness, dysfunction, and healing: 

  • Medical science and mental health community (psychiatry, psychology, counseling, etc.) are core contributory elements to the healing process. They address illness and dysfunction from the physical dimension, and their degree of effectiveness is a function of Soul allowance.
  • Soul Therapy is an equally critical contributory element of the healing process. It addresses illness and dysfunction from the spiritual (Soul Side) dimension. As is the case for medical and mental health therapies, the degree of effectiveness for Soul Therapy is a function of Soul allowance.
  • The Soul both plans and allows the onset, continuation and/or termination of all significant illness and dysfunction, regardless of whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Similarly, the Soul determines whether or not any given medical, psychiatric, or spiritual therapy will be effective, as well as when it will be effective and the total degree of effectiveness.

(This is the reason why two people of similar health who receive the same illness at the same time from the same source and who are treated by the same physician or therapist in the same manner will produce diametrically opposed results – one lives and one dies. In this situation, the Souls of the two patients made opposite choices in accordance with their experiential plan.)

Roles of the Soul Therapist

It is in the understanding of the expected benefits to the Soul that the client is able to move beyond the limitations of physical life healing and into wellness and harmony with the continuing growth of the Soul. The Soul Therapist seeks to:

  1. Identify the root cause and other contributing factors for any illness, dysfunction, emotional distress, abnormality, energy imbalance, fragmentation, or other disorder;
  2. Understand the reason for the disorder;
  3. Understand the benefits the client’s Soul is attempting to obtain from the disorder;
  4. Determine if the client will be allowed to heal, partially heal, or otherwise obtain at  least some minimal relief from the disorder;
  5. Identify the optimum healing or relief methods and techniques, including referrals to medical or mental health practitioners;
  6. Facilitate and coordinate the Soul Side activities to implement the healing or relief mechanisms (i.e., provide the applicable therapeutic treatment or refer the client to another therapist or to a physician as appropriate);
  7. If the disorder is not allowed to be healed or relieved, identify the reason why and the anticipated benefits to the client’s Soul or others in the client’s Soul Group; and
  8. Provide or refer for additional or extended Soul Therapy, related counseling, or medical or mental health therapy as needed.

Note that the above roles of the Soul Therapist incorporate a relationship with medical and mental health practitioners, recognizing that healing is a composite mind-body-soul action.

How Soul Therapy Works

Soul Therapy is accomplished using a combination of direct client counseling and communication with the client’s guides, guardians, ascended (non-living) teachers, soul councils, any appropriate divinity, and the client’s own Soul (all of which are collectively referred to as the “Soul Side Support System”). Communication is established with the Soul Side Support System by placing the client or a surrogate (referred to as a control subject) into an altered state of consciousness (discussed further in an upcoming article (blog posting), including its legal aspects).

The unconscious mind is considered as the “Gateway to the Soul,” as well as the gateway for communication with the Soul Side Support System. By placing the client into an altered state of consciousness, the unconscious mind is accessible, and the Soul Side Support System is able to communicate through the unconscious gateway. The Soul Therapist achieves contact by audio communication through the vocal chords of the client or control subject. The primary method for placing the client into an altered state of consciousness is either guided meditation or hypnosis.

It is important to note that few Soul Therapists are also medical or mental health practitioners. Therefore, the Soul Therapist does not prescribe medication, and the Soul Therapist does not remove a client from prescription medication. Prescription medications are intended to be effective at the physical functioning level and are, therefore, not applicable to Soul Therapy. If either is indicated during the course of Soul Therapy, a referral is made to a licensed physician or mental health therapist for further evaluation.

All therapy and all healing that is accomplished through the skilled therapeutic efforts of a professional Soul Therapist –— be it a cure for a simple cold, the permanent relief of anxiety or depression, or the remission of a terminal illness — is actually initiated within the Soul Side dimension, allowed by the Soul Side dimension, and controlled by the Soul Side dimension. (Of course, this also applies to all healing performed by a medical doctor or mental health therapist, but they typically do not recognize or do not believe in the Soul Side influence.)

All “incurable diseases,” “incurable disorders,” and “terminal illnesses” are so labeled because the client does not respond to physical world treatments. It is absolutely cleare that it is the soul which has the final say in all such matters, and nothing is either “incurable” or “terminal” unless the individual client’s Soul chooses it to be so. By working in concert with physicians and mental health professionals, Soul Therapy can dramatically and permanently overcome many of the previous limitations of the healing and wellness potential.

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