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    Most people are familiar with the concepts of meditation and hypnosis, but they may not be aware of their therapeutic benefits. Practitioners often debate the differences between the two activities, yet there are important shared aspects. Most notable among them is that both meditation and hypnosis produce an altered state of consciousness, thereby creating a heightened state of suggestability. Therefore, they can both be used as therapeutic tools by a certified or licensed practitioner, as well as being used for self-induction techniquest by private groups and individuals.

    The following discussion provides a very brief introduction to meditation; hypnosis and hypnotherapy are discussed in a separate article.


    Balanced Personal Energy Flow
    Balanced Personal Energy System (no blockages)

    Meditation is an excellent, natural form of therapy. Meditation assists the individual to connect with their inner self, to establish harmony and balance among the conscious, subconscious and superconscious, and to maintain harmony among the body, mind and spirit. With this harmony comes greater health and happiness through the release of tensions and the stresses of daily life. A few minutes of meditation can erase an entire day of stress.

    Meditation is a tool that is available to everyone. It is a tool which everyone can learn to use and incorporate into both their personal lives and their work. Meditation frees the mind from the structure and limitations imposed upon us by our physical lives, our environment, and the will of others. In so doing, meditation allows us to experience the new, re-experience the forgotten, and reconnect with our inner selves.

    Meditation allows us to be creative and inventive. It allows us to be understanding of both ourselves and others, as well as being more patient and accepting of the processes of life. It gives us permission to be ourselves, to enjoy life, and to enjoy those with whom we live and work. Even businesses are recognizing the benefits of meditation to promote employee health, cooperation and creativity. All of these actions are accentuated through the benefit of using meditation to achieve a stable balance among the energy systems of the human physical life experience.

    Meditation is also used in religious practice on a large scale among congregations as a mechanism for clearing (quieting) the mind in preparation for prayer. Among more advanced religious practitioners, such as the clergy and religious leaders, including the pope, meditation both in preparation for prayer and as a means of receiving the answer to prayers for information and guidance.

    Although meditation is a very natural process, a need exists within most people to learn how to meditate comfortably and freely and to learn how to incorporate this tremendous asset into daily life. A parallel need exists for learning how to explore our conscious awareness in a way which is safe, comfortable and easy; a way in which you are completely in control.

    Participants to The Soul Channel are encouraged to learn to meditate effectively through the use of meditation instructors, audio recordings available in stores and on the internet, spiritual groups, and even business groups. Instruction is widely available through individual and group meditation training at any level and regardless of the previous level of experience. Everyone can learn to meditate easily and quickly, and everyone can achieve a more peaceful, lower stress, happier existence by incorporating meditation  on a routine basis into their lives.
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