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The Law of Evolution

The purpose and direction of all existence is evolution. Static existence is meaningless for any life form, any soul, any entity. Existence has value only through its inherent opportunity for growth through change.

We evolve only through change; without change, existence is static. Learning is demonstrated only by change, which is the transition from one perspective and direction to another. Experience is the path to learning, the path to change, the path into evolution.

The root purpose of life in any form is to evolve beyond our current experiential perspective. The purpose of physical life is to experience that which we cannot experience from the soul plane and the higher spiritual dimensions. A core purpose of spirit life as independent souls is for the Universal Creator to experience that which He could not experience to the same degree when We were only One. As our individual experiences help us to grow, they impact others around us and help them to grow. It is through this collective growth process that the Creator also evolves.

- channeled by John J. Kelly
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