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    Progression Therapy

    Progression therapy is similar to regression therapy, except that it looks at future events instead of focusing on the past. The world has always had prophets, clairvoyants, and psychics who predict future events; many are charlatans, but some are absolutely remarkable in terms of their ability to peer into tomorrow. Many of these predictions and events are recorded in the great religious books, such as The Bible, and all religions have predictions about future events which were envisioned by “inspired prophets.”

    Nostradamus: A Prophet for the Ages

    Some prophecies and predictions are extraordinarily accurate even over a span of centuries. For example, Nostradamus is a widely known prophet who published his “quatrains” (prophecies) in the 16th century. Some of Nostradamus’s quatrains appear to have predicted key events of the 20th century, including major players in such events (e.g., Hitler in World War II). Followers of Nostradamus also link his prophecies with the 2012 end date of the Mayan Calendar and the corresponding world-wide disasters, which is sometimes referred to as the “end of days.”

    Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

    Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet

    A more recent seer of the future was Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) who was able to look into the distant past as well as the future. By closing his eyes and placing himself into a trance-like state (an altered state of consciousness), Edgar Cayce was able to connect to recorded information (which he referred to as the Akashic Records) from all time, past and future; he could also connect to the universal consciousness (also referred to as the super-conscious mind). From these resources, he was able to respond to a wide range of questions from individuals across the USA and even in other parts of the world. Included among his predictions of future events are a possible polar shift in 2012 which would bring world-wide disaster (widely addressed on the internet).

    Although Edgar Cayce passed away in 1945, all of his more than 14,000 intuitive readings are made available through books and for research through the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Many books have been written about Edgar Cayce and are available through major internet bookstores and hard-copy bookstores; my personal favorite which is readily available is Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet.

    How Progression Therapy Works

    Progression therapy examines life from two perspectives: First, it accepts that there is a tomorrow, whether it be the tomorrow of the present life or in some future life. In other words, it assumes that life will continue beyond today. The second perspective is that what we are doing today projects certain high probabilities into the future and with varying degrees of accuracy.

    Consider the following example on predictive probabilities. Assume that a man is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. This is a life-threatening medical condition, and most doctors would predict an almost certain probability that the man would die from the cancerous tumor, perhaps in less than a year. But the man decides to fight the cancer with a combination of prayer, diet, immunological treatment, and other alternative therapies. Unexpectedly, two years later, the previously terminal cancer patient is healthier than ever and with no evidence that the cancerous tumor ever existed. His medical doctors were right in terms of making a high probability prediction. Yet the outcome proved them wrong, because the man knew that the ultimate choice of whether to live or die was in his hands.

    Progression therapy works on similar principles. The client is placed in an altered state of consciousness, and the soul therapist guides the client one year, five years, or more into the future (typically decades or even centuries). Based on past events, including past lives and the current life, the highest probabilities for the future can be related by the client, often with tremendous detail as if experiencing it directly or reading if from a book (from the Akashic Records). It should be recognized that, like the cancerous tumor example, the future is not always cast in stone, but certain situations are more probable than others. In fact, the client may be guided again and again into the same future time to experience two or more competing probabilities. For each progression, the soul therapist changes one or two parameters, allowing the client to observe the effects of those changes; essentially, the therapist is providing the client the opportunity to rewrite the Akashic Records, just as Edgar Cayce predicted.

    Effectively, the soul therapist is drawing connections between possible changes in the current life to the impact on the future life. This is similar to a medical doctor who predicts a healthier and longer life is the patient will change his negative eating habits. The most significant difference is that the soul therapist is working on the continuing life of the soul (life without end), whereby decisions made today impact future physical life experiences.

    A skilled therapist commonly uses this technique to allow the client to observe how their current behavior patterns (smoking, overeating, anger, fear, relationship problems, drugs, etc.) and illnesses (diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.) will most likely affect them in the future. Then by suggesting modifications in today’s behavior, the client can immediately project and experience the positive or negative results of that change. This offers the client choices and places the client back in control of his or her life – today’s life and one or more future lives. It offers the opportunity to make changes in their current lifestyle which will lead them to the most desired future: the future with the new highest probability.

    From a current life perspective, progression therapy is one of the soul therapy tools which can be used to show the client the benefits of accomplishing planned current life experiences rather than pushing them off to future lives where the experiences will become more difficult and typically have greater consequences. This provides an opportunity for the client to edit the scenario of a given cause and effect by changing destructive patterns in the current life.

    Additional Resources

    For participants interested in further information on progression therapy, Dr. Brian Weiss published an excellent book in 2005 entitled Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy, which discusses the principals of progression therapy and relates them through specific case studies.

    Yet progression therapy was first reported in studies performed by Dr. Helen Stewart Wambach as early as 1960. During research studies exploring the past lives of more than 1000 patients, Dr. Wambach noted that, while in a hypnotic state, some patients actually seemed to see their future lives where they lived in a devastated and depopulated world. In 1982, Dr. Bruce Goldberg published Past Lives, Future Lives, which was the first book I read addressing progression therapy; still a very good read. Dr. Goldberg published a sequel in 2009 entitled Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed.

    It should be noted that progression therapy is not intended to examine predictions for the future of mankind; instead, it is specific to the client, although some clients certainly can have a substantial impact on the future of others and perhaps the planet in general. Most soul therapists who offer progression therapy use the techniques only for serious therapy. Progression “journeys” for the purpose of experiencing the possible future are not considered as having therapeutic value, although they can provide insights on the impact of current life choices on possible future events and even future lives.

    [For more books and media related to progression therapy, visit the Soul Shop page.]

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