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Reliability of Channeled Information and Intuitive Readings

Confusion often arises over the accuracy of information provided to clients by mediums, intuitive readers, diagnostic readers, and other channelers. I am often asked how to determine if channeled information is accurate, comprehensive, flexible or “set in stone” so as to be unchangeable. Whenever working with mediums and intuitive readers, please keep the following in mind:

1.      All channeled information is filtered through the conscious mind, emotions and vocabulary of the channeler. Filtered information may contain information which is biased based on the beliefs and understanding of the channeler. A “pure channel” is a person who is able to allow their conscious mind to “step aside” during the session so that the channeler cannot filter or bias the information. This is much easier said than done. 

The more experienced and gifted channelers train hard for years to step aside, thereby providing information which is as pure as possible (i.e., directly from the source with a minimum of filtration). This also means that some very detailed information could be channeled to you (the client) which may make you uncomfortable due its specific nature and scope. Remember; as a client, you are paying for information which is as specific and as detailed as possible and without filtration — be careful what you ask for.

2.      With rare exception, the only information provided to you from the soul side is about events which you have the ability to influence and change. For example, if you were to told that you will experience a horrible car accident tomorrow, you might choose to stay home all day. Perhaps that is the reason you were provided the information. However, if you are supposed to have the accident as a key milestone in your life plan, you would not be told about it, thereby minimizing the ability of your conscious mind to influence a planned, critical life experience.

If you have a history of being unwilling to accept channeled information or act upon it accordingly, then the information you are provided will become less and less specific. This reduces the extent of your conscious influence on the important milestones in your life plan. Typically you will receive more detailed information as you become more willing to accept channeled information and “go with the flow” to act accordingly.

3.      It follows, then, that mediums, intuitive readers, and other channelers see and share only what you are allowed to influence or change. Remember that the best channelers train themselves to avoid as much filtration as is humanly possible. If the information they provide turns out to be “not true” (inaccurate, or does not happen as predicted), it is most likely because you influenced/changed the result in some way at the conscious level (e.g., intentionally avoided a channeled event).

It is not unusual for a client to desire a different outcome or path at the conscious level. If the soul is flexible about the planned certainty of the event, then the session serves to allow your conscious mind to provide feedback to the soul, to participate actively in the final decision-making process. The unconscious mind may confirm to the soul that you are committed to the present path, events, relationship, etc. and do not want to change. It is important to remember that some milestones in the life plan are simply key decision points rather than being “set in stone”; therefore, your resistance or acceptance to change at that juncture is, in effect, a key decision or choice you are making.

4.      Some channeled information is intended to move you in a specific direction either toward a bit of channeled information or away from it. Most people think that all channeled information is something that is “going to happen.” As discussed above, perhaps all that your guides or your soul want is a conscious decision from the physical you for or against an idea, for or against one possible outcome. By giving you information which you can influence, you are actually being given information about your conscious level choices. Even concepts which appear to be very much set in stone may be altered or modified to some small or potentially significant degree if you insist on the change or strongly reject the outcome.

Channeled events also may be altered if another person is involved who is less committed (e.g., your commitment to a relationship is firm, but not the commitment of your partner is not firm). In such a situation, the other person could upset your sure thing with an alternative decision of their own. (This is sort of like being left at the alter on the wedding day when the event appeared to be set in stone.)

Timing is also a critical issue to channeling accuracy. Often the exact scheduling of an event is flexible. If you are told that something will happen one week from Thursday, you may choose to reject that action at the conscious level (which is why you were given the information, given a chance to influence the event in some way, or offered a say or choice in the outcome). If the timing is indeed flexible, then the event may be canceled altogether, or it may simply be rescheduled such that it will not happen one week from Thursday.

5.      Third party influences also affect event timing. Perhaps you are about to enter a new relationship when a loved one chooses this time to pass over from physical to spiritual life. The emotional impact of the unexpected family death may cause the start time for the new relationship to be rescheduled to a later date.

6.      Channelers typically see only what is important at the time of the session. For example, a diagnostic reader may identify a malfunctioning heart valve, yet at the same time the reader may not realize that you have had diabetes for many years. At the time of the session, your guides and guardians are concerned about the arising or growing problem of the malfunctioning heart valve, knowing that the diabetes is sufficiently under control for the time being. Thus, the diagnostic reader is shown only what is important at the time of the session. Add this concept to the previous paragraphs, and we see why a channeler is not shown all possible information about your life.

During any channeling session, or when listening to a recording or reading a documented channeled session, your focus should be on the information you are provided during the session; do not focus on what is missed, because the unmentioned information is not critical at the time of the session. Act upon the information which your guides and guardians from the soul side want you to focus on. You can always schedule another channeling session for other information at a future date.
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