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Automatic Writing — Part 2

The Process of Automatic Writing

For several decades, the famous author Ruth Montgomery was able to connect with an entity (soul or guide) on the Soul Side which identified itself as Lily. Although originally very skeptical, Ruth became quite comfortable over time with the information channeled from Lily as having a high degree of accuracy in terms of the information which was able to be verified in the physical world (e.g., people, places, dates, events, predictions, etc.). As a result, her automatic writing became the source of many successful books on spirituality. (On a personal level, my complete collection of Ruth Montgomery’s books are among my favorite reading and reference books.)

After reading one of Ruth Montgomery’s books on the subject of automatic writing, I was inspired to try it myself. As commonly happens with unfamiliar concepts, my early attempts at automatic writing failed. This was due in part to impatience, but it was primarily due to the frustration of learning to apply a centuries old technique in an era of advanced communication technology. While Ruth Montgomery relied on the pen and paper technique, I found it difficult while in meditation to keep track of a moving pencil on a page of limited dimensions and with limited space. I had no awareness of the edges of the paper and felt that the simple process of changing pages was unnecessarily disruptive to the meditation.

I was about to give up on automatic writing, when I awoke one night with a sudden realization (an inspiration) that I should learn to do automatic writing using a computer. I happened to be in Sedona, Arizona, at the time participating in a certification course for hypnotherapy presented by Clara-Bo Whiteman, a renowned parapsychologist and a reported walk-in. (Walk-ins are discussed in a couple of Ruth Montgomery’s books, including Strangers Among Us, Ballantine Books, 1979.) When I awoke with the inspiration about using a computer for automatic writing, I asked in my mind who could teach me such a skill. The immediate response was, “ask Clara-Bo.”

The next morning I excitedly shared my inspiration with Clara-Bo and asked if she could do this. Fortunately, Clara-Bo seems to have a gift for everything spiritual. She said that she had never heard of using a computer for this purpose:  but why not? She guided me into a comfortable level of meditation while I sat in front of my laptop computer. Then she instructed me to open my unconscious mind to receive channeled information and to allow that information to take control of my hands. In less than 30 seconds, I could feel my right hand begin to vibrate, and suddenly I was typing channeled information. It was certainly nothing remarkable at first; more like automatic gibberish. Clara-Bo remained traditionally calm and asked questions to focus the answers relayed through my fingertips and into the computer, eventually transforming mere gibberish into meaningful response.

In the months that followed, I practiced many times each week to strengthen my automatic writing skills on the computer, developing a simple protocol and working to minimize filtering by the conscious mind. From a practical perspective, this was an exceptional improvement over automatic writing on paper. I no longer needed to worry about the margins of the page and no longer had to turn a page while receiving information. When a computerized automatic writing session was finished, I was able to read almost every word clearly (as opposed to the chicken scratches I had previously scrawled on paper), and I was able to use the computer’s spell-check feature to correct spelling errors. The result was a computer file that could be printed, shared with others, saved to my computer, and backed up on a removable disk.

This sense of freedom from focusing on the administrative functions of automatic writing allowed me to relax into a deeper state of meditation, permitting the words to flow through my fingertips and onto the keyboard, where they migrated to a safe storage disk for future retrieval. This contributed significantly to higher quality channeled information and, over time, reduced filtering (interference from the conscious mind).

Procedure for Automatic Writing on a Computer

  1. Start a blank word-processing page on a computer.
  2. SAVE THE FILE. (Most word processors have an automatic save function. If you do not save the file before you begin meditation, you are not likely to notice if the computer asks, “Save file:  Yes or No.” If you type the letter N, then the file will be deleted; if you type Y, you will be asked to enter a name, and much of your text will be lost until you hit the Enter key. SAVE YOUR FILE.)
  3. Turn off your computer monitor; you will not need it.
  4. Place yourself in a quiet place and in a relaxed, meditative state.
  5. Begin by asking one or more questions; then type whatever comes to mind without questioning the results. Continue the question and answer process until you feel the session is over.

For additional information on this topic, read the post Automatic Writing — Part 1. From time to time, The Soul Channel will provide excerpts of automatic writing sessions as examples of the process or to illustrate a specific point of discussion.
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