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Belief in the Existence of the Soul

Belief in the Soul is an Option of Life

It is not necessary to believe that you have a soul. Neither is it necessary to believe in life after physical life or even to believe in God. Your choice of belief systems is an option of life, just as you may choose the details of your religious beliefs. In fact, most atheists reject the concept of the soul, just as they reject the existence of God; for if one chooses to reject God, then he would normally also reject the concepts of eternal life, life beyond life, and any alternative dimensional existence which would correlate with the definition of the eternal soul.

Here is another critical component of belief systems which you can personally and individually choose to accept or reject: if we are spiritual beings having a short-term physical existence, then physical life is not an accident of the universe. We are here for a purpose — an experiential purpose. That purpose and the key experiences of our physical life are controlled primarily by our individual soul, including how long we live, the illnesses of our life, and when we die.

If you choose to believe in the power of your soul to influence your life in important ways, then it will lead you down one path. If you choose not to believe in this ‘truth,’ then your life will surely move down a very different path.

Belief in the eternal soul offers deeper meaning to physical life, guides us to an understanding of the good and bad experiences in life, and can even explain the reason for any injury, illness or what might otherwise appear to be an early physical death. It explains why some seemingly perfect relationships fail miserably, while other relationships fraught with imperfections survive for decades, parted only by physical death. Just as importantly, this belief choice can provide answers as to why some people respond to medical treatment, whereas others given identical treatment die unexpectedly. In other words, it can open a door of reasoning to explain why medical science sometimes fails to cure even routine illnesses.

In sharp contrast, if you choose not to accept this belief in the power of your soul to influence important aspects of your life, then your life will move down a different path. For example, if you are depressed or overcome by the loss of a relationship or a loved one, then you will find no answers; your life will not change; you will remain on the path of despair and depression, finding solace only in the fact that your life is growing shorter each day.

Similarly, by rejecting this belief in soul choice and the power of the soul to heal, you will find no answers for the failures of medical science (including psychiatry) to alleviate your pain and suffering. You will find no root cause and no benefit for the emotional and physical challenges in your life, and you will continue to suffer through the process and struggles of medical and psychological ‘symptom management’ even though there is opportunity for healing or, more importantly, for wellness. Perhaps worst of all, although you may feel that life has some meaning and purpose, you will never discover the true meaning and purpose of your life that will make life deliciously worth the journey.

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