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My Soul My Doctor – Part 2: Influence of the Soul on Healing Processes

[This is a continuation from My Soul My Doctor, Part 1, which focused on the “Individual Choices for Healing.”]

Injury, Illness and Health are Life Plan Essentials

From an abbreviated perspective, most souls enter the physical world as an experiential learning process:  to experience that which they cannot experience in the pervasive loving purity of the Soul-Side; to gain a greater understanding of such experiences and their energetic emotional impacts; to demonstrate learning through changes in actions; and finally to gain wisdom from similar collective experiences.

One cannot completely understand darkness if there is only light and beauty; one cannot completely understand fear, anger, prejudice or war if there is only unconditional love; and one cannot completely understand injury, dis-ease or death if there is only eternal health. Looked at from another perspective, can a soul truly appreciate the light, love and eternal health without a comparative experience?

A soul does not simply decide to come into the physical world without approval and guidance. If selected for a physical life journey, the soul works with other experienced souls to develop a life plan that will provide a clear meaning (objective) and purpose to the physical life experience. If a soul is working on experiencing and understanding the effects of an enduring injury or dis-ease, including a short-lived terminal illness, then we can be certain that the soul will be directly involved in the outcome of any medical procedure.

Soul Influences on Individual Health

In order to appreciate fully the influence of the soul on individual health issues, including healing, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • All serious injuries and illnesses occur as a matter of soul choice. Healing takes place only at the discretion or choice of the soul.
  • Cures can be found for every illness, yet the best doctor in the world cannot heal a patient whose soul chooses not to heal. In any body-mind-soul debate, it is the soul which has the final say on all matters of health.
  • There are rarely any miracles accomplished or performed as part of the process of ‘miraculous cures’…unless you choose to believe that anything beyond medical science can only be explained as a miracle.
  • Divine intervention — referring to intervention by God — certainly occurs in the process of healing, and it is the only true source of miracles. However, such intervention is rare and is generally unnecessary to the process of healing or wellness. In fact, such intervention would typically serve to override the free will of the soul which has chosen the physical life experience.

Of course, most people accept that miracles do occur both as part of the healing process and in other physical life experiences. If you choose not to believe in miracles, then you will find few reasons for true joy and happiness in a meaningless life. Yet if you believe in miracles, then you realize that life is filled with miracles every day, and you will know that life itself is the greatest miracle of all — not just physical life, but the continuing journey of the soul.

Why Would a Soul Choose Illness over Health?

Here are a few of the many reasons why common medical procedures seem to be ineffective and why some people come to the physical world with an incurable deformation or illness:

  • A soul will seek to follow its life plan for any significant injury or illness as a matter of ‘free will priority’ and in spite of the best efforts of the most skilled medical practitioner. This includes the semi-miraculous survival and healing by some patients in spite of being treated by an only available, unskilled doctor, nurse, paramedic or Samaritan.
  • Remember that the Soul-Side controls the energy systems of the body. A drug or other chemical treatment requires energy for the healing chemical processes to take place. The drug or chemical can be delivered to the perfect place in the body, yet without sufficient energy, the desired curative effect will not take place.
  • A fever or an infection can be created or sustained by the Soul-Side regardless of the medical treatment being pursued.
  • The timing of physical death is the choice of the Soul-Side. Perhaps the soul has completed its purpose in the physical world and has someplace else it needs to be? This concept recognizes that the soul is having a short-term physical life experience, and such an experience is just one of the many other types of experiences and responsibilities in the developing, continuing life of the soul.
  • Souls seeking to understand a specific dis-ease may choose to enter the physical world with the dis-ease. An example would be a soul which seeks to understand and learn more about autism, thus choosing a life as an autistic child. Another soul may choose to come into life with a mental disorder to experience its incapacitating effects and/or to experience and understand life in a mental institution.
  • Souls may choose to incarnate with a particular illness so as to provide medical doctors and researchers an opportunity to better understand and develop a treatment for that illness. This recognizes that some illnesses interfere with life plan experiences and need to be eliminated or neutralized:  polio, smallpox, plague, etc.

By the way, all significant childhood injuries and illnesses are for the experiential benefit of one or both parents (or the souls of those parents) or legal guardians. This also applies to an early death of a beloved child. Children who die young typically have very wise souls that do not need a further physical life experience; thus they may agree to incarnate for the singular purpose of assisting in the fulfillment of the life plan of parents or legal guardians. (Obviously, this will require further discussion in a future article/post.)

[This is the end of Part 2; please continue with Part 3 for a discussion on the “Influence of Soul Groups on Individual Healing Processes,” or return to Part 1, “Individual Choices for Healing.”]

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John