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My Soul My Doctor – Part 3: Influence of Soul Groups on Healing Processes

[This is a continuation from My Soul My Doctor, Part 2, which focused on the “Influence of the Soul on Healing Processes.”]

Soul Groups and Health Choices

It should be recognized that individual souls do not come into the world alone; they tend to work with soul groups (which will be discussed further in a separate article). Collectively, the soul group works on a generic experiential area, such as war or cancer, and part of the life plan of the individual souls is to contribute toward the overall group experience. For example, one soul may choose to die in war; others may experience that loss and the associated grief through a familial relationship or friendship with the soldier who died in battle; others may read about battle casualties or deaths in the paper or hear it on the news and react significantly. Each reaction contributes to the collective group experience and understanding about war.

Similarly, a soul group may be working on understanding cancer. One soul may die quickly from a late detection of cancer; one of the daughters may subsequently contract cancer and fight the terminal illness for years before passing over; other siblings may live their lives in fear of contracting cancer as their sister and mother did; yet another may contract cancer and experience remission, only to live in fear and face the cancer again later in life. Collectively, the soul group learns about many aspects of cancer through direct experience and from individual reactions:  surprise, death, fear, stress, grief, anguish, remission, changes in lifestyle or diet or exercise to avoid a similar cancer, struggle to survive, giving up when death is at the door, and an infinite number of questions as to “why me” or “why us” and “how could God be so unmerciful?”

Yet the decision or choice to heal is not up to God; it is up to the free will of the soul and its commitments to other souls in the same group. It would be rare for a soul with a terminal illness to recover completely if its commitment to the soul group experience was to die in a manner which would provide other soul group members with their opportunity to experience grief, anguish, fear, etc. Remember:  the involved souls know that there is life after physical life, and any apparent separation among loved ones as a result physical death is insignificant in terms of soul time. Moreover, the souls know that life is about maximizing specific learning opportunities — both individually and as a group — it is not about abdicating commitments so as to extend physical life beyond the original life plan.

Equally important, it should be noted that a full understanding of such complex issues is not likely to be gained in a single physical life journey. If God (who has unlimited authority in such decisions) grants the soul group another experiential life opportunity in the physical earth plane to further examine the same or similar issues, then the participating souls will change roles and experiences so as to broaden their individual knowledge and experience, thus further contributing to the soul group collective experience and understanding.

Gifted Doctors

Some people and some religions choose to question the logic of pursuing medical treatment when the soul seems to have control over the outcome. We must remember that doctors have souls, too, and they are here to advance their individual knowledge on medical treatment, as well as advance the collective universal knowledge on medical treatment.

Souls entering the physical world today are able to develop complex life plans in order to maximize the experiential potential of life, including planning for longer lives with longer and broader experiences. Two hundred years ago, 35 was considered as middle age; such short lives allowed for limited experiential opportunities and complexity. Now souls can develop more complex and multi-faceted life plans which allow for many souls to experience multiple lessons in parallel and in series, experience deeper emotions which have many faces, and experience the global and local reactions to the diverse challenges faced by aging generations. This requires equally complex medical treatment options and very skilled medical practitioners.

Finally, it must be constantly remembered that healing is a combined mind-body-spirit process. Medical practitioners cannot do this alone any more than gifted spiritualists can do it by themselves. If people are to live longer and with high quality lives, then more efforts are needed to combine the skills of all types of therapists toward this common mind-body-soul objective.

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