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Meditation 2011-08-31 – Transcending Experiences

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to read channeled sessions. This is the first such channeling session, which was accomplished using automatic writing. This process is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post. I prefer the automatic writing approach to channeling while using a computer, as the channeled information is captured on the screen without the burden or error associated with later recall.

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled.



During a client reading yesterday, the activities involving the entity Adam were quite interesting. May I communicate with him again?

Of course, John. I am always here.

That opens one of the eternal questions: Why are entities and souls from the Soul Side “always here” and available at the slightest request?

The Soul Side is, essentially, everywhere God is; that simply means everywhere at all times. On the Soul Side, nothing occurs without the full awareness and experiential sensation of God, and nothing can occur without the energy provided by the living and ever-present God Force (the energy which creates and sustains all spiritual and physical existence).

That certainly seems to answer the question with clarity. Of course, there are always more and more questions.

We also have an unending number of questions on the Soul Side about physical life experiences. There is, literally, and infinite number of possible scenarios for physical life experiences, both as individual lives and as groups, including couples, societies and the global population, as well as the other living species, including the earth itself. As a simple example, the direct and ripple effects of war vary from every experiential perspective. War five thousand years ago was quite different than one millennium ago, and certainly very different from wars in the last century which included the capability to destroy the species and probably the world as you know it. Now add in different societies as a new dimension of war; add war on water to war on land; add war in the air; and add war from space, such as satellites. Now add the dimensions of weather: cold and hot climates; tornadoes in the midst of battle; hurricanes and typhoons, which have devastated entire naval fleets in the past. Now add land upheaval, including earthquakes, volcanoes, alternative terrains and climate, and even a possible earth shift. And then, of course, there are scenarios involving other planets and other forms of physical existence. The possibilities are truly endless. So we have experiential questions that never end; experiential ‘what if’ scenarios.

So it is easy for us to understand that those who experience existence only from the physical plane also have endless questions about the potentials on the Soul Side. That which we do not know we question and seek to crack the secret code which opens the vault containing all the answers. Yet the questions and their answers are infinite and come from every individual’s perspective.

The greatest question is “Why me?” You requested an opportunity to experience physical life; that request was granted. So you worked with experts on the Soul Side of the veil to plan a life which would offer the maximum learning potential consistent with your soul’s interests and the interests of your soul group. Finally you arrive on the planet, realizing that your life plan has already been unfolding: parents are in place, nationality, lifestyle, relative wealth, included gifts and memories, traumas and loving experiences while within the womb, color, race, religion, gender, etc. Life has barely begun, yet so many of the foundational issues of your life plan are already unfolding rapidly. Then, throughout the experience of physical life, every major action which impacts your life was included in your life plan as a concrete certainty, with some options along the way.

Why me? Because you planned it that way.

Consider for a moment the transcending experiences of your life. A transcending experience is one which changes you in some way. If “change” took place, then something was learned; something happened which changed your lifestyle, your educational opportunities, your career inclination, your relationships, your perspectives. And because of this large or seemingly insignificant event, your life moved in a new direction. In other words, you learned something even if only unconsciously.

The transcending component is that you were different after the event than you were before.

Transcending experience may consist of a traumatic event or a welcome event, such as a failed relationship, fired from a job, failed a grade in school, met the woman of your dreams, moved to a new city or country, outbreak of war in your local society, picked up a violin and fell in love such that it became your passion in life, birth of a brother or sister; birth of your own baby, etc.

Transcending moments are the most delicious experiences in life, and they are the moments which have the greatest influence on the soul. From our perspective here on the Soul Side, they are the little gems in the life plan which we all hope to see materialize during the physical life — and the more such moments of perspective clarity the better.

After physical life you will participate in a life review, and every transcending moment will be included in that review no matter how large or how small the event. Why? Because life is about learning; evolving; changing perspectives. In fact, when looked at from a universal perspective, from God’s perspective, the entire physical life experience is one large transcending experience for the soul. Remember the Law of Evolution? The purpose of life on any plane of existence is to evolve; static existence is meaningless. Thus, any successful physical life learning experience involves change: learning does not take place without change, and learning/change are the roots of the evolutionary process for physical beings and for souls.

This is enough for today, John. You have been seeking a good automatic writing session to include in your Soul Channel as a demonstration of the possibilities of two-way channeling. Please consider this one as the starter example. What will happen, whether you realize it or not, is that other souls have been waiting for this opportunity to pass along such information to the consciousness of their own physical incarnates. This will encourage more people to become open to channeling, including the automatic writing option. Good job, John, and thank you.

End Of session

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John