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Q&A — Spontaneous Meditation, 9/13/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


I wanted to ask for your guidance in meditation. As far as I understood, all studies and therapies lead to meditation anyway as it is a universal way to obtain knowledge of yourself and heal yourself psychologically and physically. For some people it is quite natural to go into this state of consciousness, but for me it is not like that. I believe I experienced something called ‘spontaneous meditation’, which occurs a couple of minutes before falling asleep and in the pre-awakening state. Sometimes it amounts to vibrations; sometimes I have a strange feeling that I can see my body from aside laying in the bed or sitting. But it is not meditation.

Edited Response:

Although the inquiry is about meditation, the discussion focuses more toward near-dream states and out-of-body experiences. From a clinical perspective, the normal, alert state of mind is the ‘beta’ level of consciousness. As brain activities slow (fewer cycles per second of vibration), we move into the ‘alpha’ level of consciousness; as this progresses, the control by the conscious mind becomes shared with the unconscious mind, which is the ‘gateway to the soul.’ This transition from beta to alpha consciousness is the near-dream state (perhaps a fantasy state) and applies whether in bed preparing for sleep or simply sitting somewhere and day-dreaming or even fantasizing. It is also a brief moment in time when interesting things happen to your senses, which seem momentarily trapped between two worlds — literally between two states of consciousness and two competing states of control.

I suppose the term ‘spontaneous meditation’ might apply, but I agree with you that it seems a bit awkward in this context. Meditation is a preparatory process; it is a ‘clearing of the mind’ in preparation for prayer or communication through the unconscious gateway. Meditation is intentional, not accidental. Drifting into an uncontrolled alpha consciousness is an unintentional opening to dream, and through the process of dreaming, you receive information of varying sorts; in other words, you skipped the meditation process and went directly from beta consciousness to information communication. That does not sound quite like ‘spontaneous meditation’ as I interpret the term.

As you lie in bed at night and drift into alpha consciousness, your unconscious mind passes thoughts to what remains of conscious awareness. Often the communication signals (thoughts, information, images) can be quite scrambled or ambiguous. By allowing the mind to drift too deep into an uncontrolled sleep state, it becomes increasingly difficult or even impossible to remember or make sense of the information passed through your dream – or even to recall if you were dreaming.

On the other hand, if we move deeper through a controlled state of consciousness, the signal improves. With practice, the information can become quite sharp in terms of the clarity of the dream, the amount of information received and remembered, and interpretation of the meaning of the dream. The intention and practice of controlling the level of trance and the information being received is the meditation process — the clearing of the mind in preparation for intentional communication of information at a sustained level of trance depth.

One of the wonderful events which can transpire in the dream state, including the alpha state, is an out-of-body experience; some refer to this as ‘night traveling.’ Here again, you can do this unintentionally, or you can practice and use meditation for proper preparation for an out-of-body experience, thereby having more fun and more control at a steady state of consciousness.

One of the interesting things that happens to perhaps every person on the planet at one time or another is the sensation of being startled just as you drift off to sleep, as if suddenly falling back into bed. That happens when you begin to travel unexpectedly as you move into the alpha state, and the conscious mind suddenly feels as if it is leaving the body; so the soul slams back into the body, giving that sudden jolt to wake you up.

If you think about this, and considering that nearly every adult has had one or more such night-time jolts, we come to the realization that nearly every adult on the planet has had one or more shared experiences with their soul at a physical energy level.

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John