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Q&A — Instinct versus Soul Side Communication, 09/17/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


Where do hunches and gut instincts come from? Do voices and visions really exist; if yes, then do they come from our Soul Side Support System? Why do people seem to experience voices and visions more commonly when the life of a family member is in jeopardy?

Edited Response:

Hunches and instinct come mostly from experience, both from this life and from past lives. If you are an expert in automobile mechanics and someone describes the symptoms of a problem with their car, the experience of the expert will suggest a probable (hunch) cause. The same applies to experienced medical doctors who instinctively know the most probable illness based on patient symptoms. Experienced military personnel in combat seem to be reading the hostile environment all the time so as to develop a ‘second sense’ as to what the dangers might be around the next corner. And the more enduring the duration of related experience — decades or lifetimes — the more intuitive the expert and the higher the degree of accuracy.

Of course, some hunches and apparent instinct come from the Soul Side. Most notably this includes warnings from protective guardians, bits of awareness and knowledge passed along by spirit guides, insights offered by spirit teachers, perhaps even a prayer answered directly by God. What we can be certain about is that we are NEVER alone; stated another way, we are NEVER, never alone; and advice and guidance come both in response to requests from our conscious minds and as a matter of maintaining and assisting the life plan of the soul.

You asked further about voices and visions; yes, those come from the Soul Side Support System. There are three mechanisms for obtaining such premonitions or advance information:

  • Clairvoyant — an individual who is able to receive visions of events to come;
  • Clairaudient — an individual who is able to hear information (voices) about events to come; and
  • Clairsentient — literally, “clear feeling” or “knowing what cannot be known;” receives thoughts, vibrations or disturbances in the energy field, or experiences pain or emotions of another person, any of which translate into precognition (often associated with “hunches); also can receive information about events to come through dreams, including daydreams or meditation.

Historically, some of the people who seem to have these special intuitive gifts are referred to as prophets, shamans, sensitives, seers and similar synonyms; at times in the past, these same individuals may have been referred to as witches (including some religious clerics) and were punished accordingly. Today, most of those who have such gifts keep their insights to themselves for fear of being chastised.

Now here is one of the most interesting aspects of visions, voices and vibrations:  some people come into this life with one or more of these gifts or skills as a well-defined part of their life plan, just as others arrive on the planet with a gift for great music or extraordinary art (examples: Akiane, and Edgar Cayce). Yet at the soul level, all of us have these abilities to at least some limited degree. In moments of strong emotion — especially fear-based emotions or grief — when we reach deep inside seeking assistance or answers, these skills and soul side connections seem to kick in so as to provide us with insights, hunches, instincts and answers which we desperately need to stabilize our emotions. Such heightened emotions expand our personal energy field so that it reaches out with greater strength and for greater distances and peeks our sensitivities to information which is always all around us but which we usually cannot seem to tap into. Perhaps the best part is that such information arrives with such strength and clarity that it is a “knowing” rather than a hunch or instinct, and it stays with us forever. Sometimes this information is preparatory (prepares us for the worst); sometimes it is intended to ease the fears; and sometimes it is to remind us that we are not alone and that information is available to those who seek it.

Is such information considered as the voice of God? It is either the voice of God or His chosen representative from the Soul Side. Remember: all that exists is made possible by, and is sustained by, the unlimited energy of God — including you. Why should it seem so unusual for God to communicate directly with you? After all, are you His creation? Do you continue to exist by His divine will? Is it so unusual that a Father would want to communicate with His beloved child? Is it reasonable for a Father to want to ease the pain or dissipate the fear of His daughter? Is it also reasonable that He would be available to communicate more often and participate more fully in your life if you would open your heart and your ears to Him?

As an aside, you might also consider that, in the USA alone, 1 in 6 people have experienced some type of spiritual reconnection with a loved one (parent, brother, aunt, etc.) within 30 days after the loved one passed over? These occur as any combination of vision, voice and/or feelings and which are consistently as real as receiving a great hug from someone you appreciate sincerely. Let’s consider this a bit further: if we extrapolate the 1-in-6 ratio to the rest of the planet, then more than one billion people have had such spiritual experiences (voices, visions, visitations). What is the probability that at least one of these events is real? 100% probability.

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John