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Channeling 2011/11/05 — Many Paths to God and to Heaven

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

I recently wrote a book review for The Soul Channel on Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, in which a boy not quite 4 years old had a near death experience and visited Heaven. Sometime after recovery, the boy seemed quite emphatic that souls cannot get back into Heaven without Jesus in their heart. The Soul Channel is not intended to promote any individual religion, and I personally do not believe that souls who do not accept Jesus as their personal savior cannot go to Heaven. Therefore, I felt a strong need to address this question with the Soul Side and to share the answer on The Soul Channel.

I believe that all spiritual paths lead to God and to the light (to Heaven). Therefore, in this specific session, I am seeking to examine the validity of the little boy’s conviction that the only path to Heaven is through Jesus. I decided to pose this question first to my Council of Elders and then directly to the Creator. (When channeling, never impose limits on who you want to communicate with.)

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled. The date shown below is the actual date the session took place; not the posting date.



I would appreciate an opportunity to understand more about the Jesus concept expressed in the book “Heaven is for Real.” Here we have a little boy who appears emphatic that you cannot get into Heaven without Jesus in your heart. I do not perceive this little boy in the same light as a grown child or adult who has been intentionally restricted in terms of his reading materials and perspectives on life. I see this boy as an honest conveyor of what he observed and was told while having been on the Soul Side. Equally important is that I consider such children as applying very little filtering in terms of the information received, aside from being a child observer with limited understanding and vocabulary.

Over the years I have rejected the concept that it was a requirement for souls to have Jesus in their heart or that Jesus is the only way into Heaven. I see Jesus as a gifted soul, and obviously extremely advanced, who provides one way into Heaven; yet I am a firm believer that all paths lead back to God, which is the direction from which all people and all souls originated, including Jesus; in other words, returning ‘home’ is the norm for all souls.

Could you assist me with these questions?

Of course, John. We are your council of elders. The questions you ask can be answered at this level if you do not mind.

I do not mind.

Agreed. Allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper, John. Deeper and deeper. Focus on the emptiness of space with stars in the background. You are looking at the center of all creation.

Are you so convinced that the stars are separate from God the creator of all things?

No, I believe they are all one with God.

And you would be correct, just as souls are all one with God.

Okay; where does this lead us in terms of my questions?

You say that all paths lead to God; true. Yet not all paths are straight. Regardless of the belief system, including atheism, all contain errors by way of narrowing reality. In other words, religions and most people choose in various ways to limit the transcendent possibility of that which is God. Even the smallest child has a perspective of some form, and many of those perspectives are broader, less limited, less restrictive, and therefore more accurate than adult understanding of the tenets of any religion.

The concept of ‘having Jesus in your heart’ for a little boy is the same as having a clear vision of the end point of home. For young Colton, the end point of life is the return to his spiritual home, including a return to God, to Gabriel, to Jesus, and to others, including departed loved ones.

As you are well aware, children are a primary teaching instrument for adults. They teach parents through handicaps, illnesses, injury, emotion, confusion, loss, and even early death. They also serve in the capacity of messengers of God and the Soul Side Support System, which is what happened in this case. The Pastor in the book, Colton’s father, needed an overhaul of, and a fresh look at, his perspectives on the Bible and his religion. Yet that is not your religion; so if we gave you a fresh perspective on your own religion, it would come across differently.

Are you just telling me what I wanted to hear?

No; this is truth, and you can feel it as truth.

[Pause to consider these points; then seeking a higher authority.] May I speak with God directly?

Of course, John. I am always here; always listening; always aware. As you communicate, think or do, so do I. I am, among other things, the careful recorder of all that transpires everywhere in the universe.

[Suddenly feeling very weary, I respond:] Are You putting me to sleep?

No, John; relaxing you further. Preparing you for travel. Are you ready?

Of course. And will this journey assist me to understand the relationship with Jesus?

Jesus — actually the Christ energy — is My son; you are another energy of Mine, and you are My son. All souls are of Me, created by Me, and are considered by Me as My children.

Jesus spoke about the need to be as children to enter Heaven.

You are all as children coming home; not in charge of anything; open-eyed and ready to learn; absorbing of information like a sponge; ready to advance through listening, observing and assessing. When you first return to Heaven with the mind of an adult, you are not ready to listen. Some must sleep for a long time in order to separate their consciousness from the ways of the physical realm. Yet time is minor here; you become ready to move on when you choose so.

Jesus spoke of his disciples as ‘brothers’, just as he sees you as his brother. You both serve in different capacities and you both serve for all, which is to say that you generously serve Me. For this I am certainly blessed and sincerely appreciative. I know you have a choice, and so many choose another direction of focus. Thank you, John, for choosing My direction to assist and to teach.

[Incredulously] I am teaching You?

All my children teach Me, for I am the end recorder of what they have learned. It would be quite difficult for Me to experience all that physical life could possibly offer one lifetime at a time. So I learn through the goodness of all other souls who choose to live on earth on My behalf, just as I learn from angels, teachers, guides, and those souls who choose an entirely different existence on any other planet or plane.

I feel as if I have a million questions, yet they will only have transcendent answers. Can You assist me to understand what I have asked in this meditation?

With regard to your relationship to Jesus, you are brothers, just as all My children are brothers and sisters of one another. He leads his flock back home with a tremendous degree of experience. You see, John, that is one of his primary roles at this time in existence: to lead our children home. You are aware that souls are so easily lost between Heaven and earth; there was a time when most could not find their way to the gates of Heaven. Now most are at least looking, even if they do not recognize Heaven when they arrive home. Angels call to lost children — My children, including those who are adult children — yet they may choose not to see or not to return home. Jesus has a primary role of helping My children to find their way home. I do not mind allowing them to choose where and how to learn so as to evolve; I mind when we do not look after their well-being, and most especially their ability to return home again. I see every soul before that soul leaves home for any venture, and I take special care when that venture includes a degree of amnesia, such as for those on earth who need to forget much of what the Soul Side is about in order to maximize the potential of their physical experiential journey and lessons. I remind them all that I will be here to welcome them when they return — although it may be some time after they return home before they are ready to see Me — I remind them that My love for them is unconditional; I remind them that I will never stop seeking them with open arms encouraging them to return home. I tell them that they are always welcome, yet I remind them that their path is by their choice, and I will understand if they choose to delay their return; yet never will I stop seeking them and encouraging them to return to My loving arms.

What you do for Me, at your choice, John, is that you are a ‘facilitator’, as you so aptly put it. You help people make it across the bridge; not just the bridge of healing, but also the bridges of hope, realization, reconnection and reunion. So many people are lost, which is a good way to learn lessons and to experience in an unfiltered fashion; yet when they reach the rivers, they cannot seem to find their way across to the next step; to the next path; to the way home again. You facilitate. You do this quite well. When you meditate and perform a spirit releasement or even an exorcism, you find the path of healing as strange, yet you heal anyway. This is because you open your heart to allowing Me to enter and to serve My children as they request; as they pray. People find their way to you because I send them to you, as does Jesus; as does Gabriel; as does Mary; as do so many other souls in a position to make such a decision. We do this because you continue to perform well, openly, and through Me.

In the book, there was a strong discussion by the little boy about the continuing fight with Satan and an upcoming war. Colton said, “There’s going to be a war and it’s going to destroy the world.” Equally important, he linked that war to his father fighting in it, creating the suggestion that it will take place during the current life (although that time limitation was not specifically stated). I would like to understand more about this significant event as well. Also, the word “destroy” is extremely relative; clarity would be appreciated.

When an iceberg cracks into pieces and begins to melt, the polar bears escape. When a flea dies; the microbes which have been surviving on the flea depart for new places to survive. When the earth rumbles and quakes, the people and the animals will scurry first for shelter and finally to escape. It is their souls which will escape.

And when will this time come? Will it be in this lifetime?

Yes; during this physical life of yours; and it is soon. Yet not all will leave. In my book of records, you have not yet decided whether to leave or to stay. Either way will be a hardship. What I can share with you is that, if you choose to stay, you will eventually pass on, and then you will have the opportunity to move to that new place or to return here as a teacher again, as a Guardian on my wall of prayer responders, or as another soul seeking to assist earth to recover once again. You have done all this before; you may choose any or all of these ventures again, and each time with new experiences. Regardless of your personal choice, you will surely be one of the steady, guiding rods which helps to rebuild when time arrives that I will need to call upon you again directly.

I will there waiting, Father…and with open arms.

[He smiled at me.] So be it, my son.

End Of session

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  1. bestmia

    Always asking the right questions! At least I always find some important answers for my quest in them. Thank you!

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John