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No Coincidences in Life

People often suggest that a given event happened coincidentally, which is to say that it did not happen as a result of any planned or natural occurrence. Let’s consider this for a moment.

Anything which happens to any individual or species is by definition ‘experiential’, which means that it is either coincidental or in accordance with some defined rule, law or plan. Let’s first examine the validity of ‘coincidence’.

In the physical sciences, there is no such thing as coincidence. Atoms neither combine nor split by accident. There are scientific laws which cover all events, recognizing that some such laws have yet to be discovered or fully formulated. Geological studies demonstrate that mountains, volcanoes, deserts, rivers and lakes do not occur by coincidence in any given location. The height, weight, gender, skin or eye color, appearance of freckles or rashes, cancer or other life-threatening disease, and even death of humans or any other species are all explainable biologically. The origin, expansion, contraction and projected destruction of star systems, galaxies and even the universe is definable in accordance with the physical sciences. Perhaps the closest that science can accept to coincidence is a random probability, and even those can be defined in mathematical terms.

Similarly, there is no such thing as coincidence in spirituality. A Universal Creator and Universal Intelligence either exists or does not. If He does not exist, then we only have the physical sciences – which does not accept coincidence. If a Universal Intelligence does exist, then He defines the spiritual and physical rules and laws, establishes a long range (perhaps eternal) plan for spiritual and physical existence, and provides the universal energy (referred to as the ‘God force’) which sustains all existence. Thus it is reasonable to conclude that a Universal Intelligence does not allow His universe to function on a coincidental or even a random basis.

Thus we rule out the possibility of coincidental events. If the concept of coincidence does not exist in physical or spiritual terms, then it proceeds that all that happens to us in life occurs in accordance with physical laws. If a Universal Intelligence exists, then all that happens to us in also in accordance with established spiritual laws and also in accordance with an established, experiential plan for everything and everyone in the universe.

Similarly, if there is a universal plan for long term existence – and recognizing that such a plan excludes the possibility of coincidence – then it also proceeds that our individual lives have specific large or small roles to play out within that universal plan. In other words, our lives clearly have meaning and purpose, which nearly all people believe. Life also has order and function; life is not random; and life has an experiential basis. This means that our individual lives, the lives of our family group, the lives of individual and collective societies, and the lives of our species all play a part in the greater planetary, galactic and universal plan – an experiential plan.

Personally, I do not believe that every tiny moment in life takes place within the confines of my individual life plan. A certain degree of flexibility or randomness is built into the system so as to accommodate personal choice and free will. Yet I also believe that anything significant in my life occurs in accordance with a defined and integrated life plan.

For example, when we look up at a clear night sky, our eyes may observe tens of thousands of lights representing discernable stars, planets and other heavenly bodies of varying sizes. Imagine that each of these lights represents one possible event in our life. In this example, the largest, brightest lights represent the key events in our life plan – the critical (transcending) events, places and people that we must experience in a given sequence and at a relative time (age) in order to fulfill the objectives of our life plan. The smaller, dimmer lights represent optional events which we may choose so as to prepare us for or lead us in the direction of the critical events. For any given individual, not every light or option is available, but certainly there are more than enough options – enough flexibility of choice – to make every life interesting, unique and enjoyable.

In brief, we may conclude the following: life is experiential; there is no such thing as coincidence; therefore, life unfolds primarily in accordance with an individual experiential plan; our personal life plan plays an integral part within larger and even universal plans; and life includes fixed (planned) events as well as a sufficient number of flexible choices which keep our lives interesting and unique.

Choose well throughout your experiential journey, my friends, and be certain to choose as many intriguing and enjoyable events as possible.

3 Responses to No Coincidences in Life

  1. Bettylou

    If there are no coincidences and life is experiential according to the universal plan, than perhaps the choices available in a given time are also part of the universal plan. This would mean that free will plays its role in choosing from what has been made available/already decided. You can choose either “door,” but the path will lead to the same goal. The choice then defines the type of path you travel; whether it be a long, difficult path, a path which keeps you moving in a circle repeating what has yet to be learned, or a path which leads directly to the goal in time to experience more.

    • jjpkelly

      This is a very good comment, Bettylou: “…the choices available at a given time are also part of the universal plan.” Another thought-provoking comment: “You can choose either “door,” but the path will lead to the same goal.” These comments underscore the importance of planned lives rather than souls incarnating and living a totally reactionary life without goals, objectives or purpose.

      At some point we can draw an equally important conclusion: if we are spiritual beings having short term physical life experiences in accordance with a life plan formulated at the soul level, then choices made by the soul will overrule choices made by the human consciousness. In fact, God does NOT give free will (free choice) to human beings; He gives free will to the soul. It is part of the challenge of souls to learn how to establish a cooperative relationship with their human counterparts so as to maximize the planned experiential potential of a given life plan. It also helps to explain how entity attachments (e.g., demons and discarnate beings) can establish a strong, controlling influence over humans (intro to an upcoming topic).

  2. Bettylou

    I can’t wait to read your upcoming topic!!

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John