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Spiritual or Physical Life Experience

Humans frequently contemplate whether they have a soul. This question typically arises when they encounter an experience which has a spiritual connection, such as an insightful event or discussion. I love such moments, for they have the potential of becoming transcending moments in our lives – moments which permanently alter our way of thinking, provide us with a new perspective, and somehow alter our path in life in some clearly definable way. Of all experiential moments in life, the transcending moments are the most delicious and the most important. In fact, the sum total of all physical life experiences contains relatively few transcending moments which makes them all the more precious to contemplate.

A transcending moment is an ‘ah-ha’ moment for the soul. It is a time when the soul has a specific moment of insight and understanding. This leads to the possibility for change by the soul – a shift away from recycling an old habit or manner of thinking and moving in a discernable new direction. And change is the critical demonstration that learning – experiential learning – has truly taken place.

If souls exist at all, then they survive physical death; this is the foundation for maintaining that there is ‘life after physical life’. The great majority of people on the planet believe in life after physical life, and most of those believe in life before physical life. In either situation, physical life is finite…terminal. In contrast, spiritual existence is eternal. Thus, the entire physical life journey is an experiential process of the soul, and all experiential learning is retained by the eternal soul beyond physical death.

Physical bodies are real in accordance with the physical laws of the universe, and human beings certainly undergo a wide variety of personal learning experiences during their physical life journeys. Yet nearly all such knowledge and experiences are already known by the soul either from prior similar experiences or from tapping into the shared, collective experiential knowledge available at the soul level (i.e., in the Akashic records). The cooperative, symbiotic relationship between a soul and its human host provides (1) a life-sustaining energy for the physical being, and (2) an experiential instrument package (smell, sight, sound, taste, touch) for the soul. Human beings cannot exist without the energy of the soul. Similarly, the soul cannot truly experience physical life with all of its emotions and physical limitations without the continuous connection to the human host.

Thus we might conclude that both humans and souls share physical life experiences. Yet it is equally important to recognize that, from the highest perspective, we each have a soul that continues into eternity; therefore, it is most accurate to state that we are fundamentally spiritual beings who are experiencing a comparatively short-term physical life.

6 Responses to Spiritual or Physical Life Experience

  1. Bettylou

    It is said that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Could it be that the physical body is also somewhat of an “alarm system” to the existence of the soul or state of the soul? For example; positive or negative behaviors and/or appearance. Ever meet someone who wouldn’t exactly be considered “beautiful” to society, but their “inner” beauty overpowers, thus making them BEAUTIFUL? What about the opposite? Or someone who is simply overweight or obese? One can certainly tell when someone is depressed, or simply the sound of their voice…etc. So, the physical body / alarm system? Causing those to look deeper or alerting others to look deeper. ?? Subtle reminders to look within constantly looking back at you from the mirror.

    • jjpkelly

      Very astute observations, Bettylou. I like your concept of the physical body being somewhat of an “alarm system”. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ignore that alarm (visual or other physical indicator), hitting the snooze button far to many times before taking control of that aspect of our lives, and sometimes not until it is too late.

  2. Bettylou

    What about the mind, John? To which does it belong; physical, soul, or do you consider it to be separate?

    • jjpkelly

      We must remember that there are different aspects of the mind: conscious mind and unconscious mind. The conscious mind is associated with the physical being, and the conscious mind is considered as being in control during the normal waking state (beta consciousness). The unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind) is considered by psychologists as the long term memory and storage for socially unacceptable ideas, desires, traumatic memories and emotions, as described in an article in Wikipedia. The unconscious is “supposed to be capable of being “tapped” and “interpreted” by [psychologists using] special methods and techniques such as meditation, random association, dream analysis.” From the soul therapists perspective, the unconscious mind is the ‘gateway to the soul’, providing access to the entire Soul Side Support System using meditation, hypnosis, spirit releasement therapy, fragmentation therapy, dream therapy, etc. I often wonder whether the psychologist is actually accessing the long term records of the individual soul (personal unconsciousness) or the collective records (Akashic Records) of the universe (collective unconsciousness).

  3. whoknows

    “We are fundamentally spiritual beings who are experiencing a comparatively short-term physical life.”

    Our physical existence is a constant learning experience for the soul. What fantastic spiritual growth opportunities life offers each of us on a daily basis!

    • jjpkelly

      Agreed! It is equally important to remember that the greatest spiritual growth opportunities arise from the synergy of two or more souls working together toward succeeding with a complex experiential lesson. The universe seems to understand and agree with this concept; perhaps that is part of the reason we arrive on this planet with some of our soul mates from the same soul group.

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John