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    Protecting Your Personal Energy System

    An excellent comment posted to a recent article on The Soul Channel (Take Responsibility for your Energy) prompted me to write on the topic of personal energy protection which stretches far beyond the concept of energy interaction among living people. This is an important spiritual consideration and a common component of soul therapy. It also opens the door to the domain of entity attachment to your energy field.

    The majority of religions believe in the concept of demonology and the ability of ‘negative entities’ — such as demons and ‘unclean spirits’ — to influence your life in adverse ways. In the spiritual treatise Thirty Years Among the Dead, Carl Wickland, M.D., documents a discussion by a soul which returned from the spirit world to visit his beloved wife and to see the earth again from the soul perspective. The visiting soul communicated through Dr. Wickland’s wife, an extraordinary sensitive who participated in the same role hundreds of times in her lifetime with no ill effect (i.e., a woman well protected by the Soul Side). The information shared by the visiting soul is so intriguing that it bears inclusion of an excerpt here:

    The earth is a little globe. The globe has a sphere around it. The distance between the spirit world and the world of matter is about sixty miles. This sphere is the world of the spirits in darkness. … We passed through conditions that cannot be described, the most hideous, the most fiendish, so ugly that I cannot describe them. It made me shudder to see the condition of the crippled minds, the selfish minds, the jealous minds. … They were like vermin…crawling over one another. Talk about hell—that surely was hell! They told me that was the earthbound sphere.

    The we came to matter again. We saw the people walking around in a life of matter, each one in some kind of business. It looked like a world of ants, and each one seemed to have some of these evil-minded spirits clinging to him. They are like the barnacles on boats; some are shaken off, but others come on.

    Wow! That sure got my attention! Before we continue, I must warn you that perhaps 1 in 5 people becomes quite uncomfortable with this and the subsequent discussion. Since there is nothing for a living person to be uncomfortable about with such discussions, the question becomes, “Who within you is uncomfortable at the possibility of being discovered?” If you experience a significant level of discomfort within, then you may need to seek assistance from a therapist specializing in ‘spirit releasement therapy’. In this case, it is recommended that you jump directly to page 3 in this article for assistance with a protective meditation.

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