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    Protecting Your Personal Energy System

    Religious Connections and Solutions

    Many religions provide methods for removing the entities locked inside your energy field, a practice which is commonly referred to as ‘exorcism’ or ‘spirit releasement therapy’. For example, the New Testament of the Bible contains 22 references to Jesus as casting out unclean spirits, devils, and foul spirits, and Jesus is reported to have given his twelve disciples power against unclean spirits (Matthew 10:1 KJV). In addition, the Vatican backs an annual 8-week course on exorcism conducted at Rome’s Regina Apostolorum University. Fortunately, most spirit attachments (entities attached to your personal energy system) are substantially less troublesome than demons and considerably easier to remove (to be discussed in later articles).

    Of course, the best medicine is protection. In many of The Soul Channel articles I have used the word ‘intention’ as being a key mechanism for determining what you bring to your life; it is also a tool for protection. For example, it can be your intention to recover from a disease, just as it can be your intention not to get the disease in the first place. To be effective, intention must be consistent across your mind, body and spirit.

    • Mental intention — You must make the statement clearly and consistently within your own mind, accepting nothing less than your full intention.
    • Physical intention — You must demonstrate your intention with your physical actions. For example, regardless of your mental assertions of your intention, you cannot avoid heart attacks, stroke or diabetes if you intentionally indulge in an unhealthy diet.
    • Spiritual intention — Your prayers and meditations must be consistent with your mental assertions of your intention. Ask for protection, just as you would ask for healing. More importantly, state your intention in your prayers and meditations in an accepting and appreciative way: “Thank you, Lord, for keeping me healthy every day in every way.”

    Dr. Edith Fiore suggests in her book The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession that nearly everyone on the planet has experienced one or more entity attachments at some time in their life. The great majority of attachments come and go with little impact. Unfortunately, once an entity has attached itself to a living person for an extended period of time, it can be quite difficult to remove and typically requires the therapeutic services of a hypnotherapist certified in ‘spirit releasement therapy’. If the attachment is a powerful demon, an exorcism is usually necessary and normally requires the assistance of a trained priest.

    Entity attachment is perhaps the most common contributor to dis-ease (spelled this way intentionally) after the common cold and the flu. For most people, entity attachment is just part of life. So what can we do to protect our energy field. The most effective mechanism is to remain healthy physically and mentally; this ensures a strong personal energy field — much like a strong immunity system.

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