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    Protecting Your Personal Energy System

    Applying Personal Energy Protection

    If you are emotionally distressed or physically injured, your energy field contains holes which serve as access points. At such times, you should consider meditating and applying a personal energy protection mechanism. The most common is to visualize yourself surrounded by a white light; a complete sphere which totally encases you, and you should make clear in your mental affirmations during the meditation that it is your intention that only pure and loving energies can access your protective sphere of white light. You can do this quickly and easily, for intention takes only a short time to relay to your Soul Side Support System.

    For those who would appreciate some assistance with such a meditation, The Soul Channel’s eSpirit meditation recording site includes a “Light Ball Induction Technique” recording which carefully and safely guides the listener into a very safe, protected state. That specific recording is included in several of the available meditation albums, and it can be listened to online for free (it only costs if you download the track). For example:

    1. Once you are on the eSpirit meditation recording site, select Group Meditations Volume 3, Relaxation and Recharging.
    2. Scroll down to the list of recorded tracks (track 6), Light Ball Protection/Relaxation. Click on that link.
    3. At the top left of window is an arrow pointing to the right (directly above the phrase ‘Digital Track’). GET COMFORTABLE, then click on the arrow to play the recording.
    4. As an alternative, from the page in step 1 above, which shows all of the tracks in the Group Meditations Volume 3, Relaxation and Recharging album, you may click on arrow at the top left of that screen to move sequentially through all six of the meditation, relaxation and protection recordings; listen online at no cost to you. This is a great way to relax, as well as working through the process of protecting your personal energy field.

    [Entity attachment, spirit releasement and much more on this and related topics will be discussed in greater detail in the coming weeks. Thank you for staying tuned to The Soul Channel, where your comments are sincerely appreciated.]


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