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“Fragmented Souls” — Sample Excerpt from eBook





Chapter 1
Anthony and Lisa

We, the authors, prefer books which jump into the meat of a subject immediately. An understanding of spirit (soul) fragmentation requires that the reader first understand the concept of spirit attachment. Accordingly, this first chapter provides a very brief, simplistic introduction to spirit attachment, then jumps directly into an example case history.

Behind the Veil of Physical Death

The great religions of the world all provide their congregations with generic information about what happens to an individual’s life force following physical death. For the most part, this generic information serves to support the life guidance and guidelines provided to congregations by the various religious clerics, which typically form the basis for civilized, moral thought. This, in turn, gives rise to direction and rules on how we should conduct ourselves as individuals and as a society.

For example, most religions include guidance against killing: “Thou shall not kill.” Violation of such critical guidance is generally believed to prevent access to Heaven, Nirvana, soul plane, happy hunting ground, etc. Depending on the specific guidance of a given religion, the life force for the individual who violated such critical guidance or commandment would be condemned to eternal damnation, be sent to a place of punishment—Hell, purgatory, the underworld—be destroyed, or otherwise cease to exist.

This is, unfortunately, a very basic view which leaves out many significant and important details about what happens between the moments following physical death and the time of final soul transition. In fact, as we will discover in this book, this all-too-common overview of soul transition following physical death does a great disservice to every member of every congregation by failing to prepare them for the time between physical death and spiritual afterlife.

In truth, most of the inner core of the long-existing religions recognize that a great deal can happen between physical death and soul transition. This frequently occurs through soul confusion, yet can even occur by soul choice. The inner core of all religions has access to all such related research. In addition, this inner core typically rises from the ranks of researchers who have examined and expanded upon the research and studies of their predecessors dating back for centuries. It is well known among all such researchers that there is a preferred and probably common sequence of events for soul transition; yet there also are many disruptions and inconsistencies to this desired sequence of events which lead to problems and challenges for the departing soul.

Such challenged, disrupted or “wandering souls” also cause problems for those of us remaining behind in the physical world. These problems commonly manifest as paranormal experiences, such as haunted buildings or haunted ships. They also manifest as “spirit attachments,” which may be thought of as lost or wandering souls which follow and attach to people who are physically alive.

Imagine for a moment the potential mental, emotional and even physical complications which can result when a lost soul chooses to attach to a living person instead of transitioning to the appropriate afterlife plane or dimension. Some of these impacts are discussed in the great religious books, such as the Bible, which offer numerous examples of people who were afflicted by demons or unclean spirits. (In this case, the term “unclean spirits” refers to lost souls or souls which remain near the earth plane following physical death.)

Imagine also the range of therapies which may be necessary to release or clear such attachments and recover complete control of the physical body. This book covers two such therapies: spirit release or depossession therapy, and spirit fragmentation therapy.

It is important to recognize that this is not new information. It has existed for thousands of years in the great religious texts and religious research doctrines. It has been and continues to be discussed, studied, and researched among the inner core and research branches of all large religions. Yet it has also been withheld from the general population and the general congregations of most religions—especially western religions—for many centuries, perhaps from fear that it would shake the foundation of religious faith among the members of the congregations.

We believe otherwise. We believe that such knowledge strengthens faith. More importantly, such knowledge has the power to heal illness and dis-ease which continues to elude medical science.

A Case of Spirit Attachment

The following true case history involves the interactions and therapy between two souls: one a nine-year old boy named Anthony; the other a young woman named Lisa in her late teens. This case study is a summary description of the therapeutic session between Lisa and Dr. John Kelly, one of the two authors of this book. It includes the identification of Anthony’s spirit attached to Lisa, assistance provided to Anthony to understand that his physical body had died, and assistance in helping Anthony’s soul transition into the light of the spirit world (Heaven, Nirvana, soul plane, or whatever other afterlife image the reader accepts).

At the time of the session, Lisa had two scars which had appeared on the right knee and above the right eye. These had become increasingly visible over the recent four years, although Lisa had no recollection of any injury to either area which would account for the scars. Accordingly, once the soul of Anthony was identified as being present within Lisa, it was critical to the therapy session to engage Anthony in a discussion of the injuries sustained in the automobile accident. As suspected, Anthony’s injuries had manifested as scars and muscle trauma in Lisa. Once Anthony was released, Lisa’s condition improved rapidly.

This true case history is instrumental to introducing the concept of spirit attachment and the related therapy. It also lays the groundwork to understanding:

  • that many attachments do not realize their physical body is dead;
  • why a spirit might be reluctant to transition into the afterlife; and
  • how the injuries or illnesses of a disembodied spirit manifest within a living host.

Please note that it is not unusual for some readers to become nervous while reading this case history. Such nervousness is most commonly linked to the reader’s own spirit attachments, as their attachments begin to realize that this is a book about them.

Finding Anthony

During her first year of college, Lisa attended classes in hypnotherapy taught by Dr. Ronald De Vasto (Ron), one of the two authors of this book. Later, she joined a hypnosis working group organized by Dr. John Kelly (John), the other author of this book, so that she might learn and practice additional hypnotherapy techniques. Lisa is a promising hypnotherapist and an exceptional hypnosis subject capable of achieving very deep levels of hypnosis.

At one of John’s routine group experiential sessions, Lisa agreed to participate as a hypnosis subject for John to demonstrate and experience a procedure referred to as “spirit profiling.” This is an excellent technique used as a self-diagnostic tool, and it is explained thoroughly in Chapter 8.

As mentioned above, Lisa identified during the preliminary discussion that she had two mysterious scars which had appeared in the preceding four years: one on the right knee and one above the right eye. She had no recollection of any injury in either area which might account for the scars. During the guided hypnotic diagnostic procedure, Lisa actually identified four related areas of spirit significance:

  1. The scar above her right eye, which had been with her for roughly four years and refused to go away. She observed a gray area behind the scar, indicating an area of spirit significance in addition to the physical manifestation.
  2. The scar at the right knee, which also had been with her for several years and refused to go away.
  3. Some internal trauma in the right thigh leading from the area of the knee scar through the muscle and into the back of the thigh. She had not been aware of this previously in her conscious state. This suggests that it had not yet manifested into an area of conscious physical pain or annoyance. However, since the scarring at the knee and eye were slowly expanding, and given that the internal thigh muscle trauma was linked to the knee scar, it is likely that this would eventually become an area of conscious concern.
  4. A dark area at the top right side of her brain behind and above the scar near her right eye.

Lisa also observed that the four problems were interrelated and stemmed from the same source. The largest and darkest area was the one at the top right side of the brain. Further discussion with Lisa while she was still in a hypnotic state ruled out a past life source or a current life source as probable root causes. Lisa indicated instead that these problems resulted from “something else.” One possible source was an entity attachment. This was reinforced somewhat by the multiple links (interrelated areas) and the recent physical manifestations (scarring), both of which suggested some type of traumatic injury affecting multiple portions of the body at the same time. Since past and current life events were ruled out, there was a reasonable potential that this was an entity which died of a significant acute trauma.

At the time of this particular session, John and Lisa had just completed the spirit profiling and had taken a short break. As mentioned earlier, Lisa is an excellent subject who follows guided instructions easily. After the break, she returned to a deep relaxed state very quickly, and John requested that she perform the role of an observer while he spoke to the dark area at the right side of her brain. After some persuasion, the attached entity agreed to speak through Lisa, stated his name, and then spelled the name. (Lisa is so soft-spoken that it was necessary for Anthony to repeat his name and finally spell it before being understood.)

Anthony had first attached himself to Lisa four years earlier when she lived in New Jersey. He had died in a car accident at the age of nine. Anthony’s mother had been driving the car which broad-sided another car. Anthony had died so quickly that he had not accepted his death. Instead he found himself standing on a nearby sidewalk near the accident. He was simply watching people go by and wondering why nobody seemed to notice him. From Anthony’s perspective, he was perfectly fine, for his spirit body appeared to be healthy and without injury.

One of those who passed by the accident scene was Lisa. Anthony felt lonely standing on the sidewalk, and Lisa appeared to be a very nice young girl. As Anthony stated it, he saw her “simply walking by;” so he “joined her” (attached his spirit to her).

It is important to note that, although four years of physical life time had passed between the time of the car accident and the session in John’s office, Anthony maintained that he was still nine years old. It must be recognized that time is a phenomenon of physical life. For those who do not have a physical body of their own, there is no passage of time. From Anthony’s perspective, he was the same age as the day of the accident.

It was clear that Anthony had not accepted his death. He had been in a car driven by his mother when they hit another car. His mother had died instantly. However, Anthony kept insisting that nothing had happened to him during the accident, and he was just fine.

Anthony seemed comfortable talking about the accident, so John and Anthony reviewed the details a couple of times. At one point, John guided Anthony through the accident experience in slow motion, and Anthony described what was happening to him. He observed that his right knee was shoved upward at the moment of impact and smashed into his forehead just above the right eye. (Lisa later described seeing the accident as if it was a movie. She watched with some amazement as Anthony’s right leg and knee came flying toward his face.)

Suddenly the accident event ended, and Anthony was outside of the car. He finally realized for the first time that it was his body that had been completely crushed in the accident. The events surrounding the accident had all happened very quickly, and Anthony’s death had been instantaneous. Yet he had found himself doing just fine standing on the nearby sidewalk. Whoever that boy was in the car could not possibly have been Anthony because, from his perspective, Anthony was doing just fine. It was not until he was guided slowly through the events of the accident that Anthony accepted that he was the boy who was crushed in the car accident.

“What happened to you?” John asked.

After a long pause: “I guess I died,” came the sad reply of acceptance.

Now it was time for Anthony to go into “the light” (the higher spirit realm) and get back on track with his continuing life as a spirit being. Those who are familiar with the technique for spirit detachment or release know that it is common to suggest that the attached soul look up and describe what it sees. It will usually see some sort of light, such as a lighted doorway or tunnel, although some may try to ignore it. Others may see a tiny speck of light, an unusually bright star, or an opening in the clouds.

It should be noted that, in some rare cases, the attached soul may even try to make the light disappear, thereby suggesting that it is either a dark entity or a layered attachment. A layered attachment is one which has another attachment of its own, both of which need to be released. This is addressed in detail later in this book.

Next the therapist will call into the light and ask those that love the attached soul to be present in the light for him or her. The attached soul is encouraged to recognize who has come for him or her, which is almost always a loved one, such as a mother, father, grandmother, or other relative who has previously passed over.

In this case, Anthony had no difficulty in seeing the beautiful and inviting light. Next John called into the light for those that loved Anthony to be present in the light. John assumed that Anthony’s mother had come for him, so he suggested to Anthony that he look up and see his mother. The reaction visible on Lisa’s face demonstrated that there was an instant rejection of the idea. Lisa stepped in and said that Anthony was not happy with the idea of going ANYWHERE with his mother. This was a bit of a setback, since Anthony had seemed ready to go into the light with someone.

Backtracking, John asked if Anthony could still see the light. He replied that it looked very inviting and could see angels in the light. Anthony was asked if he would like one of the angels to come and take him into the light. He was happy with this idea, so one very loving angel came and took him “home.” As he described leaving Lisa and going into the light, it was a very heart-warming moment for both the subject and the therapist.

——————– [] ——————–

No other attachments were found within Lisa, so she visualized cleansing herself with white light and using white light to fill in any void spaces previously filled by Anthony’s spirit. This cleansing and filling process is an important therapeutic technique. It seems to instruct the etheric body to cleanse itself of any remaining negative residue, fill the spaces vacated by the attachment so that something else cannot move into the same area, and initiate a healing process at the physical level. Light is a form of pure positive energy, and visualizing the light coming into the body actually draws in a positive, healing energy—the energy obtained from the light. As a final measure, Lisa was instructed to fill her entire body with white light and extend it throughout her aura to a distance of three feet in all directions.

After the session, Lisa explained that at the mention of Anthony’s mother, a headless woman suddenly appeared before them. It is not unusual for an attachment to remember people as they appeared the last time they saw them. In Anthony’s case, since he had not gone into the light yet, it is very likely that his picture of his mother remained distorted (i.e., beheaded in a car accident). Anthony certainly did not want to go anywhere with a headless woman. This highlights the value of calling into the light and requesting, without further specification, that those who love the attached soul come into the light. The attached soul is then given an opportunity to choose who she or he might want to go with.

It is worthy of note that Lisa’s scarring stopped its forward progress immediately and began to subside and dissipate within a relatively short time.


End of excerpt

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