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“Fragmented Souls” now Available on

The eBook Fragmented Souls was recently uploaded to for purchase. Electronic (eBook) versions of books purchased from can be read using a Kindle, laptop or desktop computer (Windows or Mac), iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. The great majority of participants on The Soul Channel has one or more of these devices, and if you already have such a device, then the apps and software to read your Amazon eBooks are free. All you need to purchase is the eBook.

Here is the link which explains the software and apps for one of the above devices. Alternatively, you can go to the website and search for the page on “Free Kindle Reading Apps.” allows every interested person the opportunity to download a sample of books they are considering for purchase, including eBooks. Of course, you need the software to read your downloaded sample, and the link above provides that software or app for free if you have one of the mentioned devices. The option to download a sample appears at the right side of the screen for the book being evaluated; scroll down the right side of the page to find “Try it free”, then click on the button to “Send sample now.”

Typically, downloads the front matter (contents, acknowledgements, introduction) and the first chapter. This same approach applies to the Fragmented Souls eBook. However, you do not need to download this particular sample from, as the introductory pages and Chapter 1 of Fragmented Souls are included on The Soul Channel here.

It is important to recognize that Fragmented Souls is a book which explains and discusses spirit releasement therapy and fragmentation therapy, including case studies. Be certain to read the Foreword to Fragmented Souls, as it includes the following warning:

As a reader, your reactions to this book can be extremely diagnostic. If you discover that you are struggling to finish this book, are uncomfortable with or could not finish certain chapters or cases, or if you experienced any other emotional responses to various sections of this book, then the reactions you are experiencing are very likely those of attached spirits or fragments.

You should mark the specific passages in the book which made you uncomfortable, and jot down your emotions and other responses on a notepad. In essence, you will be doing a self-diagnosis, so pay close attention to any significant reactions, and make careful notes.

After marking the passages and making notes on your reactions to this book, you may feel a need for additional assistance, counseling, or even a therapeutic evaluation. Help is available and can be obtained from the resources listed in the Appendix to this book.

Some participants have inquired as to how to obtain hard copy versions of Fragmented Souls. Hard copies are available only in manuscript format (spiral bound 8.5”x11”) and must still be purchased from the authors (US$ 20.00 plus shipping).

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John