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Astrology — A Trusted Partner in Life

Post contributed by guest author Bestmia.

Whenever I mention astrology, people who know nothing about it say defensively: ‘Well, I don’t BELIEVE in that, you know’. If only they knew how much they were missing.

I have been researching the subject as a hobby since I was 15. A friend loaned me my first astrology books and showed me the first steps — I soon was hooked on the possibilities. I drew the charts and analyzed the results for months. In the old astrology books that I had at that time, all the explanations were somehow gloomy and serious. And that is how I took it — seriously, but with faith instead of gloom. I improved my knowledge of astrology whenever I had time, reading hundreds of books on the subject and analyzing hundreds of charts, because I found it all so logical and mysterious and in just the right way. 

From a historical perspective, astrology is a discipline which developed quite naturally from all the activities that people used for following the changes of the seasons and the weather in order to be able to care for their crops. So if the movement of the heavenly bodies influences nature so much (as we all know), how could it skip influencing people’s lives?

In fact, for centuries astrology was also used by kings and rulers and was considered as an educational highlight in all developed societies, including Mayan, Chinese, Hindu, Greek and Roman. Similarly, many of todays ‘rulers’ and successful people are using astrology as a trusted tool to guide their ideas and successes. Still, too many people think they know better how to plan their lives even without the advantage of experienced, proven tools. Then again, perhaps it is just the uninitiated people who do not know how to make use of astrology; or perhaps they simply believe the rumor that it is not scientifically based.

I agree to that — a scientific approach is, mysteriously, not really being followed by many of today’s astrologers. It is as if they would be afraid to discover some gloomy but definitive answers. Instead, they choose the easier way of creating complicated interpretations rather than explaining it plainly as it is written in the charts; which is not all that bad considering that many people nowadays still cannot take the truth about themselves or their loved ones. So most people who seek guidance from astrologers get exactly what they want to hear:  astrologers who are telling them only what they think that they can live with comfortably — or perhaps only what the astrologer can live with.

In my case, I wanted to know what astrologers were not telling me. Of course, I also wanted to know what I could best profit from in my life, as that is a primary reason for most of our endeavors. Here is what I came up with:

  • The most important benefit is that astrology teaches me about myself, my potentials, blockages, fears and hopes. An immense well of information about my psychical functions is now very precisely explained. In the same way as for physical health, you cannot help yourself until you learn what it is all about. And there is no need to study psychology and learn the whole scope of possibilities before you start downsizing the mountain of available information to what is needed just for yourself. Your personal astrological chart is completely about YOU, and it is so beautifully effective, containing both the problems and the solutions.
  • The second important benefit is that astrology helps you to plan your life with more ease. For example, imagine a scenario where you wanted to go to art school, but your father decided that engineering would be the safer bet for you. He would not have imposed on your personal desires if he knew in advance that you would never finish those studies (as it’s not your thing), resulting in working yourself silly at the local supermarket into a depression and low-income life. All that just because you missed the opportunity to become who you really are; to fulfill your life’s true, planned potential. And you would still probably be the best isle or window arranger that your supermarket ever had.
  • The third important benefit is that every day brings other qualities. It is enough if you only follow the influence of the moon; and you will be dieting at the right time, cutting your hair at the right time, or weaning a baby at the right time. I even rely on astrology for the right days for washing the laundry, as it really dries better on the right days! No need to start re-inventing the wheel — in this case, your activity calendar — just follow the signs, and everything will magically start falling into the right place.
  • The fourth, and maybe the foremost, benefit is that astrology provides you with the right vision and the plan for your future, such as ‘save today and get married tomorrow.’ Also, ‘choose your friends and partners carefully’, as their horoscopes influence you in the same way as the daily transits of the stars. And they do so continuously for as long as you are with them. Why would you want to have a cup of coffee every day with a person whose natal chart is like a car accident in your life? Or would you really want to marry a guy with beautiful eyes if you knew that you would never have a job or a penny of your own money as long as you are married to him?

Most people, even when they are working on self improvement, never reach their full potential as given by their natal charts for the simple reason that they don’t even know they have a greater potential! My personal astrologer is fascinated by how much of my potential I already fulfilled in this life. I must say that the first astrological readings I received were also my biggest motivation ever, as I simply chose to believe that I will achieve all the successes it promised. Of course I had many rough patches as well, but the vision kept me going. If you were my parents when I was in the first grade, you would never have believed I would be successful in life today, as I refused to learn to read at that early age and never got mathematics right. Today I speak fluently 5 languages and understand 3 more. That became my profession (so luckily I never missed mathematics either).

Regular astrological follow-up of upcoming trends in my life saved me a great deal of money recently. All new age astrologers were saying Uranus transiting MC (MC means ‘medium coeli’; also refers to the midheaven or tenth house.) is such a good thing, plenty of new ideas and impulses to leave the steady job and start working on something really valuable for you. So nicely put in contrast to one of the old astrologers who wrote clearly just one word as explanation to this transit: bankruptcy. Therefore, I saved before that period, and it came easily to me. I actually got pregnant and took a year off using unpaid leave; I really don’t earn a penny at the moment, but I am happily enjoying my motherhood, a.k.a. working on something really valuable to me. A friend of mine had that transit just a year before me; he wasn’t checking his transits, and had invested all his savings in some inadvisable funds; he since lost $500,000 never to return. As a result, he started working on something really valuable to him:  on himself; unfortunately the price was very high for that knowledge.

There it is:  I don’t BELIEVE in astrology, because I KNOW and have observed that it is functioning in my life and in the lives of others. Perhaps itastrology might need some scientific research to return it to the mainstream, but the potential is there. If you ask me, I would define myself not as a believer of astrology but as a researcher. And that is also clearly written in my natal chart. Are you an astrological researcher as well?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your life, it just means that you are not doing all the right things for your soul. Your natal chart can give you some hints. If you improve one little thing today, you will be much healthier in the long run. You can check it out in the book Parker’s Astrology, a beautiful book for beginners and a great reference book for the advanced. There is also no need to bother with drawing a chart by hand anymore, something I am very grateful for. A free service is available on the internet for drawing charts of all kinds.

Take your life in your hands!

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John