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The River of Life

What is the ‘river of life’? This concept refers to your life plan and the path it follows throughout your physical life journey. The headwaters or beginning of your river are aligned with your time of conception, picking up speed, depth and breadth as your life progresses. Yet the general form, shape, length and key points along the way were defined back in the planning stages of your life — planned by your soul and your helpful guides during your ‘life-before-life’.

Why is this an important analogy? Once life begins — immediately following conception — we have a rather limited impact on the river of life, just as we have a fairly limited impact on our physical life plan. Certainly the choices we make in life are not all pre-determined, but the big ones are. Not every career or business decision is pre-planned, but all the important ones are, both the decisions that have a substantial impact on us personally and those that have a significant impact on others. Not all the people we meet are included in our life plans, but the significant relationships are, including all the long-term good and bad relationships. 

The millions of tiny activities, decisions, interactions with others, and interactions with nature (animals, pets, environment) can be visualized as if they are raindrops falling into our river of life. The splash of each raindrop contributes to the collective symphony of our lives, increasing for a time the pace at which our river flows; yet few rainy days are capable of changing the direction of the river itself.

All of the important, substantial, significant events in our lives have already been captured in our life plans, as they provide the greatest contribution to our soul’s progression. These are the milestones along our river, the rapids, the turning points, the junction points which merge our river with that of another or others for a limited time or for most of our lives. These are also the major events which cannot be changed without divine intervention.

From time to time, we all splash around in our river as we try to challenge its course; yet all we accomplish is to wear ourselves out struggling against the inevitable. All those struggles and all that splashing merely serve to delay our progress along the river and to create stress and unhappiness in our lives. Perhaps it would be better to sit back in our little rafts, relax, take time to enjoy the scenery, and immerse ourselves in the various experiential opportunities along the way, paying special attention to the learning opportunities.

This does not mean that we should not interact with what is taking place along the shores of our river. Sometimes the river slows, requiring a long time to move past a wide spot in the river. These are places where we have opportunities to grow, to build something which will last, to engage in important activities helping and sharing with others. Immerse yourself in such opportunities. Yet always remember that the river will eventually move on as was planned from the beginning.

Still, I am an advocate of change, and I encourage others to do the same. Throughout all history, rivers have changed their courses over decades or centuries. How can we do this to our personal river of life if the course of our river is already planned?

All life plans include options — junctions along the river. Sometimes these are just tributaries, which can be viewed as opportunities for short term escape for rest and relaxation? Or perhaps they are included in the plan in order to explore a specific learning opportunity to a greater degree so as to prepare us to meet greater challenges after returning to the main artery of our river; time out for a college degree or an experiential training sabbatical, for example? Again, along our river or life plan, such tributaries are either life options or required divergences. Engage in such opportunities fully, and never struggle against the river when it pushes you into such a tributary; trust in the long range learning benefits.

As for major change, which is to say changing the course of our river, such opportunities are sometimes included in an individual life plan — a major junction in our river. These often included at points where we have potentially completed a major experiential lesson of our lives, and they follow a time of reflection, review, understanding and a readiness for change. At such times, choose wisely, and listen carefully to your instincts, to your inner wisdom as to the best path forward.

For the very few who choose to change the core structure of their life plan, to change the course of their river of life where not such junction is included, divine assistance is required. This also applies where a significant life extension is desired. Why? Because your life plan impacts the lives of many others, sometimes of entire societies or perhaps even a global impact. Your life plan even impacts those on the Soul Side who are assisting you along your river of life: guides, guardians and so forth. Divine assistance evaluates the benefit to your soul, the potential impacts on all others, and the benefit of making such a change in the current life, as opposed to simply moving on to a new life-after-this-life. In the rare cases where such a change is approved, adjustments are then made to all other lives and, if necessary, to the path of the world so as to minimize individual and overall impacts. Clearly, this is not taken lightly; nor should we even lightly consider such changes.

Finally, for those who are kind enough to visit The Soul Channel regularly, thank you for allowing a small part of your river to flow with mine for a time.

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