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    What is the Soul

    I searched Google for the word ‘soul’ and received 1.2 billion hits. Of course, these covered everything from spirituality to rock groups and even The Soul Channel. The first soul hit on Google (as good a place to start as any) was for Wikipedia, which defines the soul as “the incorporeal essence of a person, living thing or object.”

    Following this thread a bit further, Wikipedia reports that “incorporeal or uncarnate [discarnate] means without the nature of a body or substance. The idea of incorporeality refers to the notion that there is an incorporeal realm of existence, or “place”, that is distinct from the corporeal or material universe.” Frankly, it all sounds rather complex and disserving of something easier to grasp. I am comfortable with the fundamentals of the Wikipedia definitions, so perhaps we can use them to develop something reasonably simple. 

    Let’s begin with our relationship to the Universal Creator, who we shall refer to as God for the purposes of this discussion. Ignoring for the moment the transcendent nature of God, He is generally accepted as being a non-physical being. Alternatively, many people believe that God is the sum of all that exists, including everything physical and non-physical (spiritual). The Christian Bible teaches in Genesis that man was created in the image or likeness of God; if this is correct, then man should reasonably consist of both spirit and physical (immaterial and material) aspects.

    This leads to the following reasonable conclusion: that which survives the physical life of a human being is the spiritual aspect and is referred to as the ‘soul’. And stepping backwards, any aspect of a human which existed before conception is also part of that same spirit or soul. Thus we recognize that the soul is that aspect of each of us which survives physical death and continues to live on into eternity.

    Perhaps the closest reality in terms of images of the soul is to consider that, like God, most aspects of the soul are transcendent in nature. As used herein, ‘transcendent’ means beyond human consciousness and comprehension; not realizable within human experience. Yet for tens of thousands of years, man has sought to capture an image of the soul within the mind or as a drawing or painting, and always within the limited capacity of the human consciousness. Some gifted people seem to see beyond normal comprehension and even have the ability to transform to canvas extraordinary images of the relationship between man and the soul. 

    Part of the core purpose of The Soul Channel is to provide alternative perspectives on the soul to our participants, including books, photos, recordings and other media. One such impressive spiritualist and artist is Alex Grey, author of the book Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey and the creator, along with his gifted wife, Allyson Grey, of the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, New York, which is about 65 miles north of New York City.

    Below are two of Alex Grey’s paintings, courtesy of the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors web site. The first image is that of a soul leaving the body upon physical death, appropriately entitled “Dying.” The second image entitled “Spiritual Energy System,” is one of his Sacred Mirror paintings and illustrates the concept of the energy of the soul merged with the human consciousness. For those seeking a closer, yet broader experience of the many talents of Alex and Allyson Grey, consider this video link, some of which are also available on Youtube. As a simple caution, not everyone is comfortable with the art or the images of Alex Grey, and many are not suitable for children.

    “Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John