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    Listen With Your Heart

    In the waning days of 2011, I was able to complete the conversion of the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Meditation in Multiple Languages to an electronic book (eBook) and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Store for distribution. This new eBook has several unusual features:

    • Unusual — The core content of the book consists of an automatic writing channeling session which sought information from the highest and most knowledgeable “authority” — in fact, from the root source of all knowledge
      — and I believe that was source of the reply; essentially from God.
    • Unique — In addition to background information about the channeling session and automatic writing process, ten translations are included within the pages of the same book, in addition to the original English version. This may be the first time that a single book contains eleven languages, and it is certainly the first such eBook.
    • Unique — The original eleven-language book is considered as Volume 1 of a series called Listen With Your Heart. Volume 2 is the English-only version, and Volumes 3 through 12 capture the original English channeled version plus one other language. All 12 volumes are listed below, along with links to the Kindle Store: 
    • Unique — The major eBook distributors in North America do not yet publish books in Czech, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, any Cyrillic language, or Swedish. By overcoming this technical hurdle, those Volumes represent the first — and so far the only — eBooks distributed by the major North American distributors.
    • Unique — It is a continuing objective of the Listen With Your Heart project to obtain a sound translation of the original channeling session in all of the world’s languages and dialects. Therefore, this represents a unique continuing publication project available for participation by anyone in the world, including groups of individuals, to develop a translation in a different language or different dialect and submit it to The Soul Channel for consideration for publication. All proposed translations must be formatted and submitted in accordance with the instructions contained in the last two chapters of any volume. Imagine: as we receive and publish more and more languages and dialects, Listen With Your Heart may become one of the great ‘Rosetta Stones” of all time. 

    At the present time, all 12 volumes are available only on the Amazon online Kindle Store, and it is available on many of the international Amazon servers (USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan). It is important to recognize that Amazon provides free Kindle Apps for computers, laptops, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Blackberry, and many tablet PCs. This allows the reader to purchase and download any of the Listen With Your Heart volumes to read, and perhaps begin your personal translation, on most modern electronic reading and editing devices.

    Recognizing the complexity of the language conversion process for many of the volumes, conversion to ePub format will be considered later this year.

    In the months ahead, additional information on Listen With Your Heart will be provided on The Soul Channel on dedicated pages. In addition, a mechanism has been developed for frequent uploads (perhaps weekly) of brief excerpts from the book in English and in the other available languages. Each such “little lesson” is thought-provoking and inspirational, so brief excerpts should be a great way to begin the day.

    The Soul Channel produces and publishes books, recordings and other media under the brand ‘eSpirit‘. You can find links to all these eSpirit items on the eSpirit page of The Soul Channel, including links to international distribution sites (UK, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy) and on Barnes & Noble,  iTunes, CD Baby, eSpirit Bandcamp and more.

    “Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John