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    Soul Prints

    A dear friend of mine, Judith Royer, creates what she refers to as “soul prints”. A soul print is an image of an individual’s soul energies as rendered by a meditative artist.

    As I recall the creation process — and recognizing that it has been years since I discussed this process with her — Judith meditates on the individual until she sees an image of their soul as a mix of diverse energies and colors. Based on this, she reproduces the meditative image on watercolor paper using radiant concentrated watercolors. Judith maintains that the radiant watercolors most closely reflect the brilliant soul colors she envisions. Watercolors work like magic, flowing with a goodly measure of unpredictably, mingling with other colors on the paper. Judith places the watercolors on the paper with the full intent that they will flow as they are supposed to in order to capture the true essence of the soul image. Areas where the colors merge intentionally represent the mingling of the energies of the soul. 

    As part of her meditative process, Judith also sees several symbols in specific locations on or around the soul image; these are hand-painted on top of the dried soul print. For some of the symbols, Judith receives information as to their meaning, which she passes along to the client; yet for other symbols, no information is provided, leaving it up to the client to know, investigate or simply ponder. Below is my soul print, which was commissioned as a gift from some very generous friends and was created by Judith.

    Included with the painting was an information page from Judith containing the following information about the colors and the symbols; perhaps you may have additional information or insights on these symbols:

    The colors in this painting represent a person who is energetically motivated by Spirit and Light. The new energy ray Aqua combines with the Golden Light to provide healing Green energy for self and others. Peaceful blue mixes with the pink of Love to give off a centered calmness.

    The Symbols

    These descriptions are meant to be a starting point in understanding the symbols. I believe that symbols are “pictures worth a thousand words” — they have stories to tell us if we let them. Let them talk to you.

    Top — This is your Command insignia from another part of your life now.

    Left center — All I heard about this one was “John will know”. I was not even able to receive any clues.

    Right center — Celtic symbol for continuity, eternity, and interconnection. I was told to put on a Celtic symbol for eternity and I say, “Where am I going to find that!?” I get the message to look at the last flyer from One Spirit books — and there it is in the jewelry section! I just had to laugh.

    Middle — Bringing the balance of male and female to Earth. This is done not just through modeling it yourself but also through teaching, healing, writing, and other means.

    Bottom — Raising vibration levels through wholeness. This represents your work, which manifests in many forms and will continue evolving over this lifetime.

    I have had the privilege of seeing several soul prints created by Judith, all of which are, indeed, radiant and beautiful. Some are complex; others are simple; some indicate a high energy soul, whereas others contain yin (dark) areas. Based on these observations, I have come to believe that a soul print represents the dominant energies within the client. Some of these are, indeed, soul energies; others are energies impacting the soul, such as an area of significant pain, illness or other dis-ease. Thus, over time, a soul print might change in terms of the other energies, yet the basic soul image should remain similar, bright and dominant.

    I lost connection with Judith in 2006 when I moved to Austria for several years, however I believe she still lives in Flagler Beach, Florida, and supports the Network-2012 project. If a Soul Channel participant knows Judith, perhaps we can arrange to provide a link for her, as well as update this article and possibly provide additional examples of Judith’s amazing soul prints.

    Thank you, Judith, for your special gifts and your excellent artwork!

    “Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John