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    Stretching the Heart of Our Soul

    We often wonder about the ups and downs of relationships, which seems to be a recurrent rhythm in almost everyone’s life. Do such stresses on the heart actually provide a benefit to us or to our soul? Perhaps we can illustrate this concept with an example chart something like the one below. Please bear with me for a bit of technical analysis of soul interactions.

    The vertical axis of our example chart represents the relative energy we invest in a relationship; it might also be considered as the energy of attraction. When we first meet someone special, the relationship spirals upward geometrically and often passionately (the first rising curve at the left of the chart); then it peaks (at energy level 15) and slowly declines so as to stabilize at a somewhat lower energy level (10). 

    There we become stuck for a time, so the Soul Side decides to shake up the relationship a bit. This leads to an emotional crash, such as a severe argument or other communication disconnect. The crash plunges the relationship and our emotions toward energy level zero, as in “zero attraction”. As all the energy is drained from the relationship, we are left feeling stressed, frustrated, emotionally distraught and disconnected.

    If the relationship is beneficial and desirable to both individuals, then they find a way to make up, as in our example case. This brings the two people together again, creating a fresh and exciting rush of energy, typically carrying them to a higher energy and attraction level than previously achieved. In our example case, this peak occurs around energy level 18 as shown in the second curve of our chart. Over time, that energy peak also softens and stabilizes, perhaps at around energy level 13, as illustrated.

    Then the cycle repeats itself: crash, make up, zoom to a new energy peak, and slowly settle to a stable attraction level over time (third curve). This struggle repeats itself again and again.

    What is most important to note about the example chart are the peaks and the horizontal flat lines of energy (the stable energy levels).

    • In the example, the peak energies occurring after making up and reconnecting rise to 15, 18, 20 and 23. Presumably, they could continue to rise over time, providing the promise of a progressively healthy relationship.
    • The horizontal stability lines appear at energy levels 10, 13, 15 and 17. What we discover from this is that the overall stable attraction level rises after each crash, much in the same way as the high energy peaks.
    • The duration of the horizontal stability periods stretches longer with each repetition, demonstrating that each individual is becoming more considerate and accommodating of the other. It also demonstrates that the individuals are actively seeking stability in their relationship and are intentionally learning to avoid crashes.
    • If the Soul Side intends for the relationship to continue, then the severity of the crash becomes less and less with each repetition. This suggests that the two individuals are establishing protective barriers to avoid a devastating crash and to make it easier to recover from any crash. They continue to learn more about this protection level with each crash, consistently reducing the severity and creating a longer, enduring relationship.

    This is one of the fundamental processes through which we are learning to stretch our hearts; and in this case, ‘we’ refers to the hearts of our souls as well. The stretching of the heart leads to an ever-greater capacity to love. This new capacity is also reflected in the way we interact with our other special friends and family, allowing us to be more considerate, more generous, more loving with them as well. These are perhaps the greatest benefits which can be achieved from these times of disconnect or crash.

    Perhaps sometime when you are struggling with a “crash moment” and wondering why this is happening, you might remember this discussion or find your way to this article. I hope that it will help you to shorten the down time and move quickly to make up and reconnect with that special someone who is so valuable to your life. Love always defeats anger the moment we choose for it to do so. Take control of the energy; pick up the phone; take responsibility for the energy that YOU introduced to the situation that caused the crash, and ask to reconnect.

    Remember:  what we learn about love and the rhythms of our hearts are lessons that we will someday carry home with us to share with our Soul Side friends.

    2 Responses to Stretching the Heart of Our Soul

    1. Bettylou

      In addition to “stretching our hearts to an even greater capacity to love,” I believe over time the souls connect as well. There have been MANY times when I am thinking of something and my husband calls me on the phone to discuss the very same issue and visa versa. Sometimes my husband is quiet in thought, and I begin to answer his question or discuss the topic. We sometimes find ourselves in disbelief. And then there are times when simple, loving words come by text right when we need them. = )

      • jjpkelly

        This relates to two souls connecting with the same vibration or frequency. It is a common occurrence; I suspect that everyone has, at one time or another, made similar connections with someone; sort of a “Me, too!” experience. As two souls grow closer together, their energies mix so often and so comprehensively that it is sometimes difficult to identify where one leaves off and the other begins, including their thought patterns. The book “Caution: Soul Mate Ahead” by Janet Cunningham discusses this interaction at the soul level as “Soul Union”; very intriguing concept.

    “Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John