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Weekly Horoscopes are out — Personal Astrologer is in

Post contributed by guest author Bestmia.

Are you preparing your list of new year resolutions? How about just one: Living the life I was born for, and enjoying it fully!

We all want that — we all lose our way from time to time, and there are many ways to get back there again. You might consider one of the solutions that helped me: Learn something about yourself!

‘How’ you ask?

Find a good astrologer and take a look at your natal chart. Seriously! I promise that you will be surprised at how much it will open your eyes about yourself and your life. It can give you much needed pathway for whatever interests you. You cannot imagine how much of yourself you don’t really know until you look at your natal chart.

Sure, the offers on the net are overwhelming, especially now at the beginning of the new year. Horoscopes for the day, month, year, love, business, kids, pets… But that is not serious astrology; that is all just fun.

Real astrology is something else; something which became a bit lost in the brimming of the money making internet machine. Therefore, spend some time to find yourself a good astrologer, just as if you would choose a therapist of any kind: carefully checking their background, the number of years of practice, and listening to your intuition. Find somebody who talks the way you understand. All of this is important.

But the most important thing is that astrology offers a simple solution for leading a happier life, tailored to fit you perfectly, when you learn all that you are able to do.

Become a manager of your own life. And remember that every good manager has consultants. Treat yourself to one session with a professional astrology consultant, and then decide.

I wish you a happy new year and the beginning of the life that you have dreamed of.

If you would like to learn more about astrology and natal charts, may we suggest the book Parker’s Astrology, a beautiful book for beginners and a great reference book for the advanced. You may also wish to consider a free service available on the internet for drawing charts of all kinds (type ‘natal chart’ .

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John