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Life Plan

From a soul perspective, what is a ‘life plan’?

A life plan provides structure, purpose and objectives to the physical life journey. Imagine if everyone came to the planet with no sense of purpose at all; life would be much more difficult than it already is for most people, and much of the opportunity to focus on specific learning opportunities would be lost or wasted. Life would be entirely about reaction with very little independent proactive thinking.

If you want to build a car or a home, you begin with an engineering design or architectural plan. Your plan would include a fundamental purpose and an end objective; it might also include the location, shape, size, types of materials, number of people to be accommodated, useful life, etc. The better and more detailed the plan, the more efficient the project comes together and the more effective the final end product.

And you would not engage in the project alone. Family might participate, along with skilled designers or architects, construction workers, advisors and even protection/security services.

Creating and implementing a successful life is also dependent upon an effective life plan. It begins with an overall purpose, some specific objectives, major milestones, special gifts or skills, handicaps, challenges to overcome, major illness or disease, life duration, and specific lessons to achieve along the way. There are also the basic life structural considerations: location, gender, education, career, religion, rich or poor, marriage(s), children. The life plan also includes a support team: family and close friends (soul mates and soul group); protectors (guardians), advisors (guides), teachers and so forth.

Does everyone have a life plan?

Yes, everyone has a life plan…but no two life plans are created equal. While the life plan provides structure, the diversity among the billions of life plans being played out simultaneously among billions of interacting people creates an infinite number of possibilities for differentiation of challenges, lessons and end results.

When developing a life plan, some souls want as little structure as possible, often designing a very open life plan in spite of cautions raised by their advising guides. This typically results in an inefficient physical life, insurmountable problems, and failure to maximize the potential opportunities of the physical journey. In contrast, other souls choose a life which is packed with so many details that the life becomes inflexible, constrained, and limited in terms of the number of choices and opportunities.

Does this mean that every detail of the life is not known or pre-planned?

That is correct. As indicated above, the life plan captures the basic structure, objectives, milestones, and so forth. Yet there are billions and billions of details which need to evolve throughout the life, each of which offers a measure of free choice to be worked out between the interconnected soul consciousness and the physical consciousness.

If you look up into the stars at night, some are large and bright; others are small and dim. This is similar to looking at your life plan: the large, bright objects represent the major or pre-planned milestones which must be experienced; the small, dim objects represent the options. Note that there are many, many more options than pre-planned milestones.

Given free will, can every aspect of the life plan be changed during the life?

Free will is rooted in the soul, not in the physical consciousness. When the soul creates its physical life plan, it identifies certain experiences which it does not want changed regardless of what takes place during the physical life (‘locked choices’). The Soul Side Support System (guardians, guides, etc.) accept these choices of the soul and work diligently to implement safeguard those choices regardless of how difficult the physical life experience becomes or how much the individual prays for a different choice or outcome.

Does God have the power to override locked choices made the soul?

Of course. However, it must be recognized that God is a full, participating partner in your physical life journey. You are never without Him, as He provides the energy which sustains your life and the choices made before and during the life. The commitments made by the soul when creating the life plan are commitments made between the soul and God. So why would God ever fail to deliver or support one of His commitments made to any soul?


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