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Listen With Your Heart — ‘Little Lessons’ 7—10

Excerpts 7—10 from the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Inspiration in Multiple Languages have been uploaded as part of a single page in the original channeled English version along with the available translations. General information about the book, excerpts and the LWYH project is also available.

2 Responses to Listen With Your Heart — ‘Little Lessons’ 7—10

  1. Delle

    Listen with your heart is a very interesting concept. Until I may reach the wisdom to listen with my heart, I need first to find the heart and to find the reason why should I listen to it. In a world that is moving so fast, I do not find time to sit down and listen to anything.

    In addition, why should I listen to my heart? Will it solve everyday problems? Will it cure untreatable disease and make people healthy again?

    • You raise two very good points. First, in such a fast-paced world, how do I find time to listen with my heart. It is a learned response to life, especially communications, and it links with the concept that you “should not believe everything you hear”. So what should you believe in? Pass through your heart those items which seem to conflict with your normal sensibilities and ask for the truth within you; the truth resides with spirit within your heart. The more you practice this, the sooner it will become habit, and the faster this automatic reaction will become.

      Second, as for solving everyday problems and disease, listening with your heart brings spirit into the discussion process, and you will be guided toward the best path forward. We may not agree with what echos from our heart, for it may not be what we want to hear; yet the truth lies therein. Consider the following passage from the book:
      “Listen with your heart, and you will know the truth when it comes upon you, just as yu will recognize untruth when it is imposed upon you.”

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John