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    Twin Souls and Twin Flames

    Do you know the difference between soul mates and twin souls? Both types of souls are discussed in other articles on The Soul Channel, including the recent article on Janet Cunningham’s book, Caution Soul Mate Ahead!. Soul mates are typically the members of your soul group. In general, all of the soul mates from any soul group tend to work on the same general life theme (love, anger, fear, control, war, disease, genocide, technological development, advances in medicine, etc.).

    God does not send you into the physical world alone; there are always at least several members of your soul group in the world at the same time and who you will interact with at different times in your life. These may be one or more parents or siblings (rarely all of them are in the same soul group); special friends or even enemies; marital partners or significant other relationships; one or more of your children. Each of these members of your soul group, including others still on the Soul Side, are referred to as ‘soul mates’. 

    Note the important consideration that everyone on the planet has at least several soul mates in the physical world at the same time and has other soul mates still on the Soul Side.

    There is also a special class of soul mates — again from the same soul group — that are referred to as ‘twin souls’ (also called twin flames or essence twins). Plato referred to them as being two halves of the same soul with the following reaction to one another:

    “…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment…”

    This is not exactly correct, as explained further below; however, it is a good beginning for the discussion.

    Some refer to the twin soul as your “split apart”, a term which became more common following release of the 1991 movie hit “The Butcher’s Wife” (trailer, DVD), starring Demi Moore and Jeff Daniels. The general concept is that a soul may choose to split into two separate souls, each going immediately in opposite directions across the universe to experience existence independently. In time they meet again and may choose to merge into one with the combined knowledge and experience of both as one.

    The split apart concept described by Plato and in the above movie is extremely romantic, and it is certainly true that there is always a yearning to reconnect at the core of each soul. However, if they meet too soon in a physical life (before their souls are ready to reconnect), then the relationship can become quite volatile — very intense, electrifying and short-lived toward one another (hence the term ‘twin flames’). As a result, they typically do not meet in any physical lifetime until both are ready for reconnection.

    There is an excellent and beautiful discussion on twin souls at the Star Goddess website, which includes a translation from Plato’s work. There is a separate page on the same website which discusses soul mates; although also a delight to read, it is actually again referring to the twin soul rather than to soul mates in general. (You may recall from the preceding discussion that a twin soul is a special class of soul mate.)

    The information about twin souls on the Star Goddess website is quite good, yet again I do not agree with all the information. Most notably, I do not agree with the generally accepted principle that “Only one other in all the universe can satisfy” the twin soul relationship. As mentioned in Janet Cunningham’s book, “An original soul division might split into two or more parts.” Of course, this also contradicts the generally accepted theory, as expressed by both Plato and Edgar Cayce, that one of the twin souls is a masculine energy, and the other twin soul is an identical vibration feminine energy. What if there were triplet souls? Quadruplets? Can a soul split then split again?

    Years ago when I was researching the concept of twin souls, I was experimenting with the process of visiting the point where my twin soul separated — that specific moment when the actual separation took place. (Yes; such a journey is possible; best if accomplished through an experienced soul therapist.) For me, it was just another regression process; little did I realize its intensity and devastating sadness, as well as some more esoteric aspects.

    During the meditation, I approached a point in the continuum of universal existence (a point in space-time; a recorded moment in the Akashic Records) where I observed an exceptionally small point of energy which I knew was my original soul; it was small because I was observing it, fortunately, from a great distance. Then it split — like the splitting of an atom with incredible force — and I knew that I was observing my soul splitting in two. In that instant, my physical psyche became overwhelmed at the sudden rush of aching sadness. I also knew that I had been spared much of the true experience of the incredible sadness by observing from a great distance, for I became aware (or was somehow told) that being too close during the moment of separation of your soul would create a sense of depression from which the conscious mind could not recover.

    I was also aware that the two halves of the soul immediately moved in opposite directions, very weakened and personally depressed. Since that time, I have only guided two or three souls to observe their time of splitting: even though I took care to keep them at a very safe distance, they also experienced the overwhelming sensation or memory of absolute sadness.

    Shortly after my original experience of observing soul separation (continuing my research), I attempted to regress further still to a time before my soul split. During that meditation, I observed what appeared to be a strange object in the general shape of a football but with four curved columns connected at the end points of the football shape. This is extremely easy for me to visualize even today, but I cannot seem to describe it with clarity; so I have attempted to illustrate it below. Hopefully you can make sense of it.

    Soul Separation

    Quad Soul Before Separation

    Quad Soul After Separation

    I was told that this represents a ‘quad soul”. The first illustration illustrates the quad soul before anything split; the second illustration shows how the quad soul first splits into #1 and #2; then #1 becomes #1 and #3; finally #2 splits into #2 and #4. It is highly unlikely that all four would be on the planet at the same time; perhaps only one is present in any given lifetime.

    I was also told that twin souls were most common, yet triplets, quads and more existed, much as humans can give birth to twins, triplets, quads, etc. Mankind is always seeking to simplify transcendent concepts, and the twin soul concept is just one among many which is unnecessarily limited.

    I also observed during my meditative research the reunion of two souls. This took place at a very high dimension (i.e., not on the astral or causal planes). It was a completely opposite experience from soul separation; it was truly the most beautiful experience I ever observed, and moreso than anything I can imagine existing in the physical world.

    Sounds like a terrific movie, doesn’t it? It is also a topic which has been poorly or insufficiently addressed on the internet and in print.

    Coming together in the physical plane was briefly mentioned earlier. It is important to note that, if the souls are not ready for reunification, the experience can become volatile. Alternatively, if the souls are nearly ready, then coming together totally disrupts their life plan. I know two people who did this. Both were happily married and were going about their lives as one would anticipate. Then she attended a conference where he was giving a lecture (about attachment therapy). At the end of the day, they decided that they needed to be together — and they simply walked away from their lives, divorced as quickly as possible, married, and do everything together like, literally, two peas in a pod.

    We may reasonably conclude that the twin soul is, indeed, your ideal soul mate, and all souls instinctively long for that reunion. Just imagine the joy of triplet or quad souls finally reunifying. Yet there is an optimum time for such reunions; on the Soul Side, there is no time in an eternal existence. The twin souls will choose the best time to reunite, and that may not occur on the physical plane. What is needed most is…patience.

    For those interested in more information on the various dimensional planes, Shepherd Hoodwin’s book The Journey of Your Soul provides an excellent introduction to a 7-plane concept, noting that other authors describe 13 dimensions and possibly more. Here is a website which summarizes the seven dimensions.

    “Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John