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The concept of a ‘walk-in’ was first mentioned on The Soul Channel on August 8, 2011, in an article entitled “Automatic Writing — Part 2“. The article included the following brief introduction:

“For several decades, the famous author Ruth Montgomery was able to connect with an entity (soul or guide) on the Soul Side which identified itself as Lily. Although originally very skeptical, Ruth became quite comfortable over time with the information channeled from Lily as having a high degree of accuracy in terms of the information which was able to be verified in the physical world (e.g., people, places, dates, events, predictions, etc.). As a result, her automatic writing became the source of many successful books on spirituality. (On a personal level, my complete collection of Ruth Montgomery’s books are among my favorite reading and reference books.)”

Ruth Montgomery first introduced the concept of ‘walk-ins’ in her book Strangers Among Us. Roughly half of this book is dedicated to a comprehensive discussion of walk-ins. Roughly half of her 1979 book is dedicated to a comprehensive discussion of walk-ins. At that time, she estimated that there were tens of thousands of walk-ins on the planet; how many more are here now some 30 years later? More importantly, why should this interest us? And just exactly what is a walk-in?

Montgomery states that a ‘walk-in is a high-minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart [the physical life journey]. Since a walk-in must never enter a body without the permission of its owner, this is not to be confused with those well-publicized cases(such as were describes in The Three Faces of Eve, The Exorcist, et al) in which multiple egos or evil spirits are vying for possession of an inhabited body.”

Apparently, a walk-in poses no danger to any other human being; in fact, the walk-in enters the physical life for humanitarian purposes, seeking to help others help themselves and to otherwise benefit mankind. According to Montgomery, “Some of the world’s greatest spiritual and political leaders, scientists, and philosophers in ages past are said to have been walk-ins,” including India’s Mohandis Ghandi, International statesman from USA Benjamin Franklin, USA President Abraham Lincoln, Harvey Firestone (pioneering pneumatic tires), Sweden’s famous scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, Christopher Columbus, the famous Quaker William Penn (after whom was named the USA state of Pennsylvania), the best known and influential Indian philosopher Shankara, and the Christ Spirit which entered the body of the young man Jesus at the time of baptism. Most are not famous people; perhaps someone in your neighborhood, at work, or among your friends — possibly even you, for not all walk-ins are immediately aware of their arrival on the planet.

Yet they are superior souls who inspire or lead others and who are remembered for what they started. They are very advanced souls who “need not repeat the process of birth, babyhood and schooling…electing to enter directly into an adult body no longer wanted by the occupant” and bringing with them a deepened awareness. And they are “human beings of flesh and blood who walk among us, confidently occupying a body the previously belonged to another,” much like a gardener sowing and nurturing seeds that take us in new directions.

So how does this walk-in process occur. Apparently, there are two most common mechanisms:

1. “Sometimes the human has lost heart, or had taken on a task more difficult that he was prepared to handle.” Examples might include seriously ill, traumatized, devastated or depressed people who cannot bear to continue the physical life pain; soldiers who suffer from major injuries who cannot bear to face life handicapped.

2. “Sometimes it was the purpose of the departing human to begin the task and prepare the body for the new entity.” This involves two souls who agree to a sharing of the life: the less experienced soul lives through the early years and, at a certain age, steps out of the body, and allows the much more advanced soul to enter for the remainder of the physical life.

In the first case, there is typically a time of transition — discussions among the soul wanting to abandon the body, his guides, souls on the Soul Side specializing in such exchanges, and the new personality (soul) considering the exchange. Once all are in agreement, the departing soul (also referred to as a ‘walk-out’) disconnects his silver cord, and the new soul steps in and connects his silver cord; and the substitution is complete.

Personality Traits of Walk-Ins

Consistent with their humanitarian purpose in the physical world, Ruth Montgomery identifies the following personality traits for walk-ins, which may be useful in recognizing them:

  • Following the substitution, the walk-in demonstrates a distinct alteration of personality and thought patterns; different aura and energy.
  • A traumatic experience or severe illness has altered a person for the better.
  • A willingness to help with others’ burdens, and quietly to counsel them without expecting personal reward or recognition.
  • Seeks no credit for himself; willing for others to take credit.
  • May form emotional alliances, but only if there are no entangling alliances to be disturbed.
  • Sometimes return as pairs of walk-ins (a couple, friends, siblings) to share the load ahead.
  • An inner poise; a quiet radiance; a calm demeanor.
  • An unwillingness to exchange harmful gossip about others; seldom gabby (talkative).
  • A soul who genuinely likes his fellow beings, yet without establishing close ties with any of them.

How do you connect with a walk-in? Walk-ins connect with each other naturally; they gravitate to and recognize each other. Yet in the modern computerized world, there are even easier ways, including a walk-in website referred to as the Walk-In Evolution. There is also a book on walk-ins in which 24 individuals share their experiences awakening to their walk-in purpose.: WE Remember: Stories of A Spiritual Awakening.

Ruth Montgomery’s guides summarized walk-ins in this manner: “Walk-ins are helping others find their way to self-understanding, quietly assisting them to look within, to find that core within self from which all knowledge flows.” They also added, “those who would contemplate suicide might belter give thought to permitting these superior souls to use their bodies, and let them take over during sleep or sickness, withdrawing into spirit to rest for a time and reassess their own goals.”

By the way, if anyone knows the email address for the well-known walk-in and gifted channeler ClaraBo Whiteman — most likely in Sedona, Arizona — I would appreciate if you would send her a message requesting that she contact me. I am one of her former students. Thank you in advance for assisting with this connection.


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