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NASA — Relative Size

Consistent with The Soul Channel’s efforts to provide inspirational concepts and information, we have added this NASA link to the Inspirational Web Links at the footer of each page. This amazing NASA link was created by Cary and Michael Huang. It is scalable using either the mouse or the horizontal scroll bar, allowing the user to zoom in or zoom out to compare the relative size of the known and estimated physical universe beginning from extremely small subatomic matter (1x10E-35 m) to the projected size of our universe (1x10E27 m), an incredible 62 orders of magnitude. Every teacher on the planet should have this link in order to share it with their students.

It is important to remember that scientists and spiritualists estimate that this is but one physical universe; others may exist and even other dimensions. If we assume that only 7 universes exist of comparable average size, and if we further assume that each has 7 dimensions, then the combined size is at least 49 times the size of NASA’s scalable projection for our universe. If we sum these individually and eliminate any ’empty’ space among these universes and dimensions, we arrive at 3038 orders of magnitude, which is far beyond the comprehension of human beings.

All of this and more is contained within, and sustained by, that which religions and spiritualists refer to as the the divine Creator, which is but part of why we refer to God as transcendent (beyond comprehension). That makes it all the more amazing that soul mates are ever able to find one another. May we suggest that you always treat your soul mates with loving care.

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  1. whoknows

    A M A Z I N G ! Thanks for posting this, John!

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John