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Avatars, Infinite and Transcendent Souls

A recent article on The Soul Channel weblog introduced the concept of a ‘walk-in’. A walk-in is essentially a high-minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart [the physical life journey]. Some spiritualists confuse the concept of a walk-in with an ‘avatar’ (the spirit kind, not the movie kind), but they are quite different.

In her book entitled Strangers Among Us, best-selling author Ruth Montgomery introduces the avatar concept. She describes an avatar as “a superior or perfected soul who returns for a time and then withdraws to the spirit realm, coming and going into physical being at will, but no always wearing the physical body itself. By contrast, those who wish to become Walk-ins have to stay until that life is terminated through normal means, with the body dying.” Some avatars were walk-ins in previous physical incarnations.

Montgomery further relates that “avatars are able to show themselves to others at a distance…although they may also be seen at the same moment hundreds of miles away.”

The term ‘avatar’ is Sanskrit and is literally translated as “descent of God”. Thus, an avatar is that aspect of God (exceptionally evolved, superior and infinite soul) which transforms itself into human form and appears in the physical dimension. Why appear as a human? “If God does not come down as a human being, how will human beings love him?” Here is an excellent website by the Vedanta Society of Southern California which explains this concept beautifully and in greater detail.

Those readers who are familiar with the Michael teachings from the books Messages from Michael and More Messages From Michael may recall the soul types referred to as ‘infinite’ and ‘transcendental’ souls. Comparing these with walk-ins and avatars, it appears that there are many similarities; recognizing the true complexity of these concepts, it is likely that the terms are synonymous: transcendental souls with walk-ins (as both displace the previous soul occupying a physical body); infinite souls with avatars (as they may appear with or without a physical body, at great distances, and my come and go at any time).

It is also important to note that the appearance of these highly evolved souls — most notably the avatar or infinite souls — historically suggests a time of great (global) change on the planet.

For those who are seeking a very in-depth understanding of soul types, the above Michael books are key references on par with the level of information in Conversations with God. The infinite and transcendental soul concepts will be discussed further in a later article on soul types. You may also wish to visit the Michael Teachings website for more detailed information on the Michael Teachings.

3 Responses to Avatars, Infinite and Transcendent Souls

  1. paul.mcclelland

    Interesting comment on infinite souls and avatars. Many think that we are soon to enter a period of profound change to the planet, possibly to occur sometime within our lifetime. If this were indeed to be the case, should we expect to see the appearance of an avatar, and if so, how would we know this to be the case?

    • Interesting question, Paul. Yes, if this is indeed a time of profound change, it would be a perfect time for an avatar to be present on the planet. However, we would not likely know of its presence. Avatars prefer to act quietly and fulfill their task peacefully. They tend to do this in the briefest, most efficient way — often through minor adjustments which unfold over an extended period of time (years, decades, centuries) — so the duration of presence could be quite short; thus we might at some point recognize its effects rather than observe its actions in progress.

  2. The reference for the Michael Teachings in the last paragraph has been replaced, as participants suggested the previous link was less effective.

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