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Relative Soul Age — Messages from Michael

Several recent articles posted on The Soul Channel discussed Souls, Soul Mates and Soul Groups, Twin Souls and similar soul manifestations. This article continues the discussion by examining relative soul age.

Some people believe that all souls were created at the same moment; some believe a soul is created at the moment of birth; while still others believe they are created in discrete groups. Individual beliefs on the matter are related in part on whether or not the individual believes in multiple physical lives, including past lives. One group that believes souls are created in discrete groups is the ‘Michael group’, which is actually many groups that follow the ‘Michael teachings’. It is important to note that, in this case, Michael does not refer to St. Michael the Archangel; it refers instead to the name of the last physical incarnation of one ‘fragment’ (similar in concept to one ‘soul’ incarnation) of the Michael entity on the earth.

The Michael teachings are based on two extraordinary books: Messages From Michael and More Messages From Michael, both of which were authored by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. The source of information for both books came from channeling sessions by Yarbro and her friends via the use of a Ouija board. For participants seeking more detailed information on the Michael teachings, refer to the official Messages from Michael website, and I certainly encourage those who are pursuing a broader spiritual perspective to purchase the Michael books to balance or perhaps even integrate some of the remarkable discussions with their own personal belief system.

(As a side note, I caution against the arbitrary use of a Ouija board in my book Fragmented Souls, as the inexperienced and unprotected user can just as easily channel information from, or even obtain an attachment of, a Dark Force Entity (demon). Those who wish to experiment with a Ouija board need to tread carefully; there are safer methods for the inexperienced experimenter to make a Michael connection.)

Recall that this specific article is about ‘relative soul age’, which will be the focus of the rest of this article. On the Soul Side, the concept of soul age is meaningless. It does not matter whether souls were all created at one time or in groups; the soul is eternal. Eternal means endless; without end; and for those who support the belief that we are all one and the same with the Divine Creator, soul eternity literally means without beginning or end. Therefore, time on the Soul Side becomes meaningless.

Yet time in the physical realm is relative, with both a beginning and an end. This is true even for those who believe that all physical incarnations occur simultaneously; for the experiences of each lifetime have an impact on, or are impacted by, one or more previously lifetimes and one or more future lives. Moreover, the Michael teachings provide powerful insights on the ‘relative experiential age’ of a soul within earth’s physical plane.

Imagine for a moment that you are an international traveler on your first journey to a new country that you believe is at least somewhat uncivilized. For most people, that first journey will be characterized primarily by the fear of unfamiliarity — unfamiliar language, culture, traditions, and essentially misunderstandings about everything. We will call that first foray into a strange new world as your ‘infant experience.’

At a later time you choose to visit another country. This time you are less afraid, as you have a bit of experience under your belt. You know that, as long as you follow the local customs, laws and rules of society, you will get along quite safe and well. These rules offer a semblance of structural comfort, even though you are still very new at this long process of experiential journeys to new countries. On a relative experiential scale, you are still taking baby steps; so we will call that second stage your ‘baby experience’.

After a few dozen journeys abroad, you feel quite confident about where you are going and what you can get away with; you know your rights and often assert them, even if they offend those local people who appear to be ‘less advanced’ than you. And if you settle in one of those societies for several years, you may choose to carve out a new, intentionally different, and presumably more advanced life among the apparently less experienced locals, often going so far as to completely ignore the outdated thinking of older citizens of this somewhat backward society. This is a typical attitude for many young people in today’s world, so we will call this third stage of experiential living your ‘young experience’.

Given enough time and experience, you will eventually mature so as to become less focused on changing the world and more on integrating what you have learned so as to advance your personal agenda. You will certainly have the wisdom to observe others and understand what their personal agendas are, assuming they are sufficiently mature themselves, and your mutual understanding with such other mature souls will define your social relationships. As you mature further, your early teachings and assumptions about life and social relationships will give way to a higher personal understanding and ‘truth’ about your individuality spirituality and interconnectedness. It would be most appropriate to refer to this stage of your experiential journey as your ‘mature experience’.

Finally, after what seems like an exhausting number of travels to new and distant places, you will have acquired the wisdom that comes with an advanced stage of maturity, stretching the shadow of understanding across the many previous experiences so as to usher in a time of extensive reflection and accompanying adjustments which polish your perspectives on what is truly meaningful and worthwhile to pursue. Thus do you revisit many of those old haunts, taking more time to admire the view, appreciate the diversity of cultures, and smell the roses. In such times, social relationships are appreciated but often not necessary; appreciation of beauty, animals and vegetation of all forms becomes a priority focus. As this is so commonly associated with old age, we will refer to this as your ‘old experience’.

So there you have it: a logical summary of the relative experiential age of the soul based on many journeys to this tiny planet. Each such experiential journey involved new places, societies, languages, careers, relationships and so forth, with good and bad times experienced by all soul travellers. More importantly, as the soul gains experience across the many journeys, it goes through the same stages of life experience discussed above for an experienced world traveller:

  • Infant soul — One that is new to the earthbound experience. Such souls are most easily recognized by a fixation on fear; afraid of awakening in a totally unfamiliar world. This remains true throughout physical life as they constantly struggle to find familiar ground where they may live long and safely.
  • Baby soul — One that has progressed after several physical life experiences so as to be less fearful as long as they stay carefully within the boxes of rules, procedures, policies, and directions provided by others. It is this penchant for strict adherence to rules that makes them most easily recognized, regardless of the age of the physical body.
  • Young soul — Clearly this soul was born with the intent of changing the world, correcting the erroneous ways, cultures, traditions and thinking of other weaker minds and weaker individuals. From this stage forward, the soul will typically live and work comfortably “outside of the box”.
  • Mature soul — One that is less focused on changing the world; more focused on personal agenda and self-advancement, be it financial independence, upward career mobility, politics, education, or personal achievement in any venue. They are not always concerned as to how they are able to achieve such success, even if they step on others along the way.
  • Old soul — The wise soul. One that seeks balance and harmony; beauty, artistic achievement, and love; peace with the world, its environment and species, and among its people. Integrity and honesty are paramount; resolving old debts with other incarnate souls is equally important. These are the great teachers, even if teaching is not their profession, for others will come just to tap into their vast reservoir of lifetime upon lifetime of experiential wisdom.

Everyone on the planet knows people who are in each of those soul categories; they can recognize people of any age — children, teenagers, young men and women, and older people — who they can reasonably identify as being infant souls (fear driven), baby souls (rigid rule reliance), young ‘change the world’ souls, mature souls following their personal agendas, and old wise souls seeking peace, harmony and interconnectedness. This recognition helps us to understand why people of any age or degree of success can be sticklers about rules or afraid of any type of risk; why some are more conservative and appreciative of cultural diversity and the beauty of life, whereas others are more liberal and constantly in pursuit of changing their world for the better.

Through such reflections you may also gain some insights about yourself and your own relative soul age. In the process, you may gain a better understanding as to the experiential differences and extent of disagreement among people within the same families, with similar backgrounds, with similar education and career opportunities. You may even appreciate how far you have come or find humility in how far have yet to go.

I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to become an ‘interested observer’ of people and learn to identify their relative soul age in terms of physical life experiences. The more you learn about the people you interact with daily, the more you will learn about yourself — not just the physical you, but you the soul.


2 Responses to Relative Soul Age — Messages from Michael

  1. paul.mcclelland

    Being somewhat familiar with the teachings of Michael, I enjoyed this posting. My question does not pertain to soul age directly, but more to the comment you have about “those who believe that all physical incarnations occur simultaneously”. What do you mean by this, and where can we look to understand this concept more?

    • As used herein, the concept of ‘simultaneous incarnations’ refers to all physical lives being played out simultaneously, allowing the soul to observe the effects of changes in one life on another life. The concept is too complex for a simple comment. I will write an article on this and post it. Thanks, Paul.

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John