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Parallel Lives

The recent post Simultaneous Lives introduces the concept of a soul experiential experiments across multiple lives at the same time. On the Soul Side, such experiments may be happening simultaneously, yet on the physical plane they may play out across hundreds of years, which gives them their sequential flavor. Different decades, centuries and even millennia of earth time introduce very different experiential challenges.

In some cases, two soul mates may engage in identical experiments with the primary variable being the century in which the experiment takes focus. The struggles introduced by different Earth eras impose different and extreme impacts on relationships and the associated degrees of ‘absent love’. Many people see such similar soul experiments as ‘parallel lives’ occurring as a collection of past lives. Again, this is a reference to what is happening in Earth time; on the Soul Side, all such experiments could be happening simultaneously, as discussed in the previous post.

Yet this discussion would not be sufficient without examining an important alternative concept for parallel lives. If God allows a soul to experience multiple lives in order to obtain a more complete understanding of the experiential lesson(s), then God could certainly allow a soul to experience two or more physical lives taking place on the Earth plane during the same period of time, perhaps even today.

Michael Newton is the author of an intriguing book entitled Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. His subsequent book, Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, was awarded “Metaphysical Book of the Year” in 2001. In his books, Dr. Newton discusses the concept of parallel lives as the incarnation of a soul into more than one body at a time to speed up incarnations and spiritual growth. An example might be a male engineer living in the western part of North America; at the same time, the same soul may be experiencing a physical life as a woman living on a farm in eastern USA with a husband and children. Here again, on the Soul Side, where time does not exist, the soul is simultaneously experiencing the two lives just described.

In his various books and interview, Dr. Newton also discusses the need for a soul to look at its future lives and life plans, as well as its previous lives and lessons learned, in order to optimize the planning and the conditions of the current life. He explains that time on the Soul Side is more about motion than chronology; thus there is no past, present and future from the soul perspective of time. This concept emphasizes the interconnectedness of the many experiential lives of the soul and how one life can impact another. For further information on Michael Newton and these interrelated topics, you may wish to view this Youtube link.

As a final comment, the book Fragmented Souls very briefly discusses the concept of parallel lives. It points out that at least some cases of ‘parallel lives’ are actually situations of soul fragmentation. Fragmented Souls provides an actual case study as an example.

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