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Sequential versus Simultaneous Perspectives

[This post was revised on May 8, 2012.]

The recent post Simultaneous Lives introduces the concept of a soul experiential experiments across multiple lives at the same time. It is interesting to note that souls on the Soul Side have differing perspectives on this concept depending on which plane of existence they are observing. Here again it is important to remember that the concept of chronological time does not really apply to the Soul Side.

In a recent hypnotherapy session, my client was guided to a very relaxed diagnostic level of hypnosis. In such cases, it is best if the client retains some level of awareness of what is happening — an observer level, which best occurs between the alpha and theta states of consciousness. At that level — which is consistent with brain wave patterns of roughly 8 – 10 cps — it is easy to connect with the Soul Side Support System, including souls, guardians, guides, teachers, etc. During hypnosis, all information is coming through the client’s vocal cords, so the challenge for the therapist is to separate channeled Soul Side information and philosophy (the good stuff) from client bias (filtering of the information received).

During the hypnotherapy session, the client’s spirit guide was asked to comment on the concept of sequential lives versus simultaneous lives. The guide relayed the following:

  •  When I look at events taking place on the dimension of my own existence, I perceive them as occurring sequentially.
  • Yet when I look at events on the physical dimension, from the broader perspective of the Soul Side, I see the entire package of physical events or lifetimes from beginning to end as if they are already completed.
  • Everything is relative to the dimension from which you perceive events and lifetimes.

Based on this simple discussion we can extract that:

  • Observers (humans) on the physical Earth dimension will always perceive time chronologically, and all events and lifetimes taking place on the Earth dimension will be perceived as occurring sequentially. When a human channels the Soul Side, the human is doing so from the middle of a lifetime and is focused on what is happening in the ‘now’ time from their own perspective.
  • Observers on any soul dimension will perceive events and lifetimes taking place on the Earth dimension as occurring simultaneously.
  • From the Soul Side dimension, it is somewhat like looking at an entire set of Olympic games on a single DVD, allowing the soul to move back and forth to examine or replay any specific event over and over again.
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