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Lessons from Water Crystals — Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water! It covers two-thirds of our planet, and the human body is roughly 80% water. We cannot live without water; moreover, if the water we consume is toxic in any form, we will become ill or perhaps even die. Is there anything we can do from a spiritual perspective to improve the quality of the water we consume or the quality of the water already in our bodies? YES!

Improving the Quality of the Water We Consume

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered in 1994 that the crystalline structure of a water molecule is affected no only by the environment but also by the emotional energy in the vicinity of the water. If we share our negative or angry energy with water or direct it at water, the crystalline structure degrades extremely fast — in as little as ten minutes. Yet the reverse is also true.

According to Dr. Moto in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, we can change the crystalline structure of water by showing letters (words) to the water, showing pictures to the water, playing music to the water, or even praying to the water. The consistent results of his hundreds of experiments confirm that negative words, pictures, music (e.g., acid rock), and prayers can destroy the crystalline structure. In this same way, positive and loving words, pictures, music and prayers can convert horribly distorted water crystals to beautiful works of art in mere minutes.

Consider the source of the water you consume and the energy to which that water has been exposed. Change its energy through positive words, pictures, etc., and you will substantially improve the quality of the water you consume.

Improving the Quality of the Water Already in Our Bodies

Given that our bodies contain roughly 80% water, and recognizing that water is impacted by the negative and positive energetic vibrations around us, then we must recognize that those same energies impact the water in our body. If we surround ourselves with anger, fear, darkness, distrust, hatred, jealousy, contempt and so forth, then the structure of the water in our bodies will degrade substantially. The same can happen if you surround yourself with negative, angry, imbalanced people. The net effects on your body include a weak immune system, emotional imbalance, difficulty focusing, and an increased susceptibility to any other form of dis-ease (illness, injury, mental instability).

Once again, the reverse is also true: surrounding yourself in a well-lit, positive, loving environment and including positive, loving people in your life will have a rapid, substantial, net positive impact on the quality of the water in your body and the quality of your physical life. Your immune system will improve sharply, your emotions will come into balance, what used to be difficult can become much easier to accomplish, and your life will have considerably less stress.

Where do We Begin?

We can use Dr. Emoto’s approach to improving the quality of water in general. Begin by learning to love yourself, and surround yourself with as many positive, loving friends as possible. Read positive, loving books and periodicals; avoid those which inspire anger and fear. Re-evaluate the television programs you watch (especially dark movies and the angry side of television news broadcasts). Re-evaluate the music you listen to (is it fun, comforting and delightful; or is it hard on the mind and ears, filled with anger). Examine your spiritual focus — engage in positive spiritual discussions; if you know how, pray for a more positive, loving energy within and around your body at all times, and pray for other positive, loving people to enter your life.

For many people, loving yourself is a very difficult thing to do, as so many people feel that they do not deserve to be loved, even by themselves. Perhaps most of their early life was absent love, or perhaps they experienced terrible relationship break-ups or the loss of the most loving person in their life; so how can they learn to trust loving anyone again, including themselves? Again, let’s use Dr. Emoto’s approach to changing the crystalline structure of water and apply it to changing the quality of the water in our bodies with the intent of changing our lives:

  • Words — Tell yourself daily that you love yourself; in fact, twice daily (when you awaken and just before going to sleep) is much better. Write positive, loving notes to yourself (“I love me” or “I am a beautiful person”); leave them in places around your home where you will see them often; and carry them with you in a pocket or any other place where you will see or feel them frequently. Do this every single day of your life; a simple and highly effective device for communicating with and changing the quality of the water in your body and the quality of your personal life.
  • Pictures — Look in the mirror; tell the face you see that you are beautiful and lovely and deserving of love. Keep a favorite photo of yourself in your purse or wallet, and remember to look at it often — that is the picture of the person who most loves you in life. If you have them, put other pictures around your home that remind you of those who love or loved you, including pets.
  • Music — Eliminate from your music collection the music that makes you sad or angry or stressed. Play the music that takes you to a time when you were loved, or play music that is all about love and loving relationships. Play it again and again and again until you memorize every word, every note and cannot get that positive, loving energy out of your mind.
  • Prayer — Simplest approach of all: ask God for assistance, for He loves you unconditionally. Ask your spirit guardian, guide or teacher for assistance with every challenge in your life, for they also love you unconditionally. The message here is to invite those energies — those incredible and unconditionally loving energies — to participate in your life…and do this every single day of your life.

How long will it take? It is up to you: a few days, a few weeks, a month or more. What I can share with you is that you will begin to feel better the moment you begin, and you will progress every day that you maintain this approach consistently. One day at a time; every day of your life. You have nothing to lose; it is easy to do; and it will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time each day — a FREE prescription for improving the quality of your life!

I look forward to hearing from you as to your progress in learning to love yourself unconditionally and improving the quality of your life. Perhaps you will share your experiences so that others will learn from your courage and the methods you have already employed to improve your life?

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John