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“How Do I”

The following poem was written and contributed by my cousin several years after the passing of her beloved husband and soul mate. Including her heart-felt poem on The Soul Channel reminds us of the indivisible connection between physical life and our eventual return to our spiritual home. Teresa captures so eloquently what so many people feel at the passing of a loved one:  being alone; emptiness; a cascade of multi-sensory memories; the need for direction, a path forward; and the realization that we are not really alone in God’s universe. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your heart and for expressing what so many feel.

How do I find my “I” in we? Where did it go? We did everything together.
How do I separate “I” from we? We were one! We thought so much alike.
Is it distance in time that will do this? Time has gone by. We were such good friends.
Death has not worked for me; he is still here, in a feeling, a thought, a kiss, a tear, a smell…I can go on and on.
Be silent, be still, just listen; maybe I can hear the direction of purpose; I’m still here.
What do I want? What is next for me? Where do I go from here?
God knows I am listening, but do I hear and remember what was once told to me?
We is really God and me!

Written by: Teresa Kelly
April 17, 2012

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John