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Post contributed by guest author Bestmia.

Are you preparing your list of new year resolutions? How about just one: Living the life I was born for, and enjoying it fully!

We all want that — we all lose our way from time to time, and there are many ways to get back there again. You might consider one of the solutions that helped me: Learn something about yourself! Read More…

Stretching the Heart of Our Soul

We often wonder about the ups and downs of relationships, which seems to be a recurrent rhythm in almost everyone’s life. Do such stresses on the heart actually provide a benefit to us or to our soul? Perhaps we can illustrate this concept with an example chart something like the one below. Please bear with me for a bit of technical analysis of soul interactions.

The vertical axis of our example chart represents the relative energy we invest in a relationship; it might also be considered as the energy of attraction. When we first meet someone special, the relationship spirals upward geometrically and often passionately (the first rising curve at the left of the chart); then it peaks (at energy level 15) and slowly declines so as to stabilize at a somewhat lower energy level (10).  Read More…

Listen With Your Heart

In the waning days of 2011, I was able to complete the conversion of the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Meditation in Multiple Languages to an electronic book (eBook) and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Store for distribution. This new eBook has several unusual features:

  • Unusual — The core content of the book consists of an automatic writing channeling session which sought information from the highest and most knowledgeable “authority” — in fact, from the root source of all knowledge
    — and I believe that was source of the reply; essentially from God.
  • Unique — In addition to background information about the channeling session and automatic writing process, ten translations are included within the pages of the same book, in addition to the original English version. This may be the first time that a single book contains eleven languages, and it is certainly the first such eBook.
  • Unique — The original eleven-language book is considered as Volume 1 of a series called Listen With Your Heart. Volume 2 is the English-only version, and Volumes 3 through 12 capture the original English channeled version plus one other language. All 12 volumes are listed below, along with links to the Kindle Store:  Read More…

Soul Prints

A dear friend of mine, Judith Royer, creates what she refers to as “soul prints”. A soul print is an image of an individual’s soul energies as rendered by a meditative artist.

As I recall the creation process — and recognizing that it has been years since I discussed this process with her — Judith meditates on the individual until she sees an image of their soul as a mix of diverse energies and colors. Based on this, she reproduces the meditative image on watercolor paper using radiant concentrated watercolors. Judith maintains that the radiant watercolors most closely reflect the brilliant soul colors she envisions. Watercolors work like magic, flowing with a goodly measure of unpredictably, mingling with other colors on the paper. Judith places the watercolors on the paper with the full intent that they will flow as they are supposed to in order to capture the true essence of the soul image. Areas where the colors merge intentionally represent the mingling of the energies of the soul.  Read More…

What is the Soul

I searched Google for the word ‘soul’ and received 1.2 billion hits. Of course, these covered everything from spirituality to rock groups and even The Soul Channel. The first soul hit on Google (as good a place to start as any) was for Wikipedia, which defines the soul as “the incorporeal essence of a person, living thing or object.”

Following this thread a bit further, Wikipedia reports that “incorporeal or uncarnate [discarnate] means without the nature of a body or substance. The idea of incorporeality refers to the notion that there is an incorporeal realm of existence, or “place”, that is distinct from the corporeal or material universe.” Frankly, it all sounds rather complex and disserving of something easier to grasp. I am comfortable with the fundamentals of the Wikipedia definitions, so perhaps we can use them to develop something reasonably simple.  Read More…

The River of Life

What is the ‘river of life’? This concept refers to your life plan and the path it follows throughout your physical life journey. The headwaters or beginning of your river are aligned with your time of conception, picking up speed, depth and breadth as your life progresses. Yet the general form, shape, length and key points along the way were defined back in the planning stages of your life — planned by your soul and your helpful guides during your ‘life-before-life’.

Why is this an important analogy? Once life begins — immediately following conception — we have a rather limited impact on the river of life, just as we have a fairly limited impact on our physical life plan. Certainly the choices we make in life are not all pre-determined, but the big ones are. Not every career or business decision is pre-planned, but all the important ones are, both the decisions that have a substantial impact on us personally and those that have a significant impact on others. Not all the people we meet are included in our life plans, but the significant relationships are, including all the long-term good and bad relationships.  Read More…

Astrology — A Trusted Partner in Life

Post contributed by guest author Bestmia.

Whenever I mention astrology, people who know nothing about it say defensively: ‘Well, I don’t BELIEVE in that, you know’. If only they knew how much they were missing.

I have been researching the subject as a hobby since I was 15. A friend loaned me my first astrology books and showed me the first steps — I soon was hooked on the possibilities. I drew the charts and analyzed the results for months. In the old astrology books that I had at that time, all the explanations were somehow gloomy and serious. And that is how I took it — seriously, but with faith instead of gloom. I improved my knowledge of astrology whenever I had time, reading hundreds of books on the subject and analyzing hundreds of charts, because I found it all so logical and mysterious and in just the right way.  Read More…

Channeling 2011/11/17 — Channeling Your Energies

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

The reason for this particular automatic writing session is clearly stated in the opening paragraph. When reading one of my channeling sessions, the italicized passages are my own comments or questions; normal text are channeled responses.



In Ruth Montgomery’s book Strangers Among Us, she states: “The Guides say that we are all swimming in an inexhaustible sea of energies, and that those who seemingly perform miracles simply know how to utilize the energies. It’s apparently as simple as the law of gravity, if we understand the principle.” Today I am seeking information on the principle — essentially asking how to use the energies to maximize the benefits.

Can you assist in this understanding?

Yes, we can assist in the discussion and further understanding, John. Of course, there are practical limits. For example, we will prevent any action which is against your personal, soul morality and anything else which could potentially devastate your life plan.

Agreed; shall we proceed?  Read More…

eSpirit Publishing Signs with CD Baby for Recording Distribution

The Soul Channel’s brand for meditation recordings and publications is ‘eSpirit‘. Meditation recordings created by John J. Kelly and Jeff Moen have been listed on the eSpirit meditation recording site for several months, allowing participants in The Soul Channel to listen to recordings at no cost and to purchase/download individual tracks or full albums; this service will continue.

Over the past 24 hours, we have signed with CD Baby to distribute our recording albums through major recording outlets, including:  Read More…

“Fragmented Souls” now Available on

The eBook Fragmented Souls was recently uploaded to for purchase. Electronic (eBook) versions of books purchased from can be read using a Kindle, laptop or desktop computer (Windows or Mac), iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. The great majority of participants on The Soul Channel has one or more of these devices, and if you already have such a device, then the apps and software to read your Amazon eBooks are free. All you need to purchase is the eBook.

Here is the link which explains the software and apps for one of the above devices. Alternatively, you can go to the website and search for the page on “Free Kindle Reading Apps.”  Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John