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Category: Recordings

Samples and availability of audio recordings; recorded interviews of Voice of America radio show with authors and soul therapists

New ‘VFR’ Page

A new page has been added to The Soul Channel and appears on the header menu bar as ‘VFR‘. VFR is our acronym for Videos, Short Films and Recordings.

The new VFR page provides inspirational, spiritual or simply entertaining videos, short films and recordings, including embedded selections and direct links. If you enjoy any specific video, film or recording, please include a comment or review at the bottom of this page. If you have others, please send us the links for review.

Also, in early March, recordings related to soul therapy and soul fundamentals will begin appearing in selected blog articles and will also be posted on the VFR page. These recordings originated from the Voice America ‘Altered States’ radio talk show hosted by John J. Kelly, PhD, and capture interviews with various experts on soul therapies and fundamentals.

eSpirit Publishing Signs with CD Baby for Recording Distribution

The Soul Channel’s brand for meditation recordings and publications is ‘eSpirit‘. Meditation recordings created by John J. Kelly and Jeff Moen have been listed on the eSpirit meditation recording site for several months, allowing participants in The Soul Channel to listen to recordings at no cost and to purchase/download individual tracks or full albums; this service will continue.

Over the past 24 hours, we have signed with CD Baby to distribute our recording albums through major recording outlets, including:  Read More…

Protecting Your Personal Energy System

An excellent comment posted to a recent article on The Soul Channel (Take Responsibility for your Energy) prompted me to write on the topic of personal energy protection which stretches far beyond the concept of energy interaction among living people. This is an important spiritual consideration and a common component of soul therapy. It also opens the door to the domain of entity attachment to your energy field. Read More…

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