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Category: Fundamental Considerations

The posts appearing below provide information and discussion on soul fundamentals.

Stretching the Heart of Our Soul

We often wonder about the ups and downs of relationships, which seems to be a recurrent rhythm in almost everyone’s life. Do such stresses on the heart actually provide a benefit to us or to our soul? Perhaps we can illustrate this concept with an example chart something like the one below. Please bear with me for a bit of technical analysis of soul interactions.

The vertical axis of our example chart represents the relative energy we invest in a relationship; it might also be considered as the energy of attraction. When we first meet someone special, the relationship spirals upward geometrically and often passionately (the first rising curve at the left of the chart); then it peaks (at energy level 15) and slowly declines so as to stabilize at a somewhat lower energy level (10).  Read More…

Soul Prints

A dear friend of mine, Judith Royer, creates what she refers to as “soul prints”. A soul print is an image of an individual’s soul energies as rendered by a meditative artist.

As I recall the creation process — and recognizing that it has been years since I discussed this process with her — Judith meditates on the individual until she sees an image of their soul as a mix of diverse energies and colors. Based on this, she reproduces the meditative image on watercolor paper using radiant concentrated watercolors. Judith maintains that the radiant watercolors most closely reflect the brilliant soul colors she envisions. Watercolors work like magic, flowing with a goodly measure of unpredictably, mingling with other colors on the paper. Judith places the watercolors on the paper with the full intent that they will flow as they are supposed to in order to capture the true essence of the soul image. Areas where the colors merge intentionally represent the mingling of the energies of the soul.  Read More…

What is the Soul

I searched Google for the word ‘soul’ and received 1.2 billion hits. Of course, these covered everything from spirituality to rock groups and even The Soul Channel. The first soul hit on Google (as good a place to start as any) was for Wikipedia, which defines the soul as “the incorporeal essence of a person, living thing or object.”

Following this thread a bit further, Wikipedia reports that “incorporeal or uncarnate [discarnate] means without the nature of a body or substance. The idea of incorporeality refers to the notion that there is an incorporeal realm of existence, or “place”, that is distinct from the corporeal or material universe.” Frankly, it all sounds rather complex and disserving of something easier to grasp. I am comfortable with the fundamentals of the Wikipedia definitions, so perhaps we can use them to develop something reasonably simple.  Read More…

No Coincidences in Life

People often suggest that a given event happened coincidentally, which is to say that it did not happen as a result of any planned or natural occurrence. Let’s consider this for a moment.

Anything which happens to any individual or species is by definition ‘experiential’, which means that it is either coincidental or in accordance with some defined rule, law or plan. Let’s first examine the validity of ‘coincidence’. Read More…

Belief in the Existence of the Soul

Belief in the Soul is an Option of Life

It is not necessary to believe that you have a soul. Neither is it necessary to believe in life after physical life or even to believe in God. Your choice of belief systems is an option of life, just as you may choose the details of your religious beliefs. In fact, most atheists reject the concept of the soul, just as they reject the existence of God; for if one chooses to reject God, then he would normally also reject the concepts of eternal life, life beyond life, and any alternative dimensional existence which would correlate with the definition of the eternal soul.

Here is another critical component of belief systems which you can personally and individually choose to accept or reject: if we are spiritual beings having a short-term physical existence, then physical life is not an accident of the universe. We are here for a purpose — an experiential purpose. That purpose and the key experiences of our physical life are controlled primarily by our individual soul, including how long we live, the illnesses of our life, and when we die. Read More…

The Soul

What is the Soul

Most religions recognize the existence of the soul. But what is the soul? Although this is examined widely in the literature, one of my favorite resource on this question is the book entitled 50 Big Ideas, by Ben Dupre. What makes this book especially intriguing is that the author captures discussions on this question from great thinkers across the past 2,400 years. Some of these extracts from Dupre’s book are synthesized below, with each of them prevalent today in various spiritual and religious discussions around the world:

  • Plato argued that souls are immortal and transcendent. “The soul is immortal and capable of enduring all extremes of good and evil.” In sharp contrast, Aristotle maintained that the notion of a soul separate from a physical body is simply nonsense. (2,400 B.C.E) Read More…

The Law of Evolution

The purpose and direction of all existence is evolution. Static existence is meaningless for any life form, any soul, any entity. Existence has value only through its inherent opportunity for growth through change.

We evolve only through change; without change, existence is static. Learning is demonstrated only by change, which is the transition from one perspective and direction to another. Experience is the path to learning, the path to change, the path into evolution.

The root purpose of life in any form is to evolve beyond our current experiential perspective. The purpose of physical life is to experience that which we cannot experience from the soul plane and the higher spiritual dimensions. A core purpose of spirit life as independent souls is for the Universal Creator to experience that which He could not experience to the same degree when We were only One. As our individual experiences help us to grow, they impact others around us and help them to grow. It is through this collective growth process that the Creator also evolves.

- channeled by John J. Kelly
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