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Category: Soul mates, groups and twin souls

Information and discussion on soul mates, soul groups and twin souls and their impact on your current physical life and your continuing soul life

“How Do I”

The following poem was written and contributed by my cousin several years after the passing of her beloved husband and soul mate. Including her heart-felt poem on The Soul Channel reminds us of the indivisible connection between physical life and our eventual return to our spiritual home. Teresa captures so eloquently what so many people feel at the passing of a loved one:  being alone; emptiness; a cascade of multi-sensory memories; the need for direction, a path forward; and the realization that we are not really alone in God’s universe. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your heart and for expressing what so many feel.

How do I find my “I” in we? Where did it go? We did everything together.
How do I separate “I” from we? We were one! We thought so much alike.
Is it distance in time that will do this? Time has gone by. We were such good friends.
Death has not worked for me; he is still here, in a feeling, a thought, a kiss, a tear, a smell…I can go on and on.
Be silent, be still, just listen; maybe I can hear the direction of purpose; I’m still here.
What do I want? What is next for me? Where do I go from here?
God knows I am listening, but do I hear and remember what was once told to me?
We is really God and me!

Written by: Teresa Kelly
April 17, 2012

Parallel Lives

The recent post Simultaneous Lives introduces the concept of a soul experiential experiments across multiple lives at the same time. On the Soul Side, such experiments may be happening simultaneously, yet on the physical plane they may play out across hundreds of years, which gives them their sequential flavor. Different decades, centuries and even millennia of earth time introduce very different experiential challenges.

In some cases, two soul mates may engage in identical experiments with the primary variable being the century in which the experiment takes focus. The struggles introduced by different Earth eras impose different and extreme impacts on relationships and the associated degrees of ‘absent love’. Many people see such similar soul experiments as ‘parallel lives’ occurring as a collection of past lives. Again, this is a reference to what is happening in Earth time; on the Soul Side, all such experiments could be happening simultaneously, as discussed in the previous post.

Yet this discussion would not be sufficient without examining an important alternative concept for parallel lives. If God allows a soul to experience multiple lives in order to obtain a more complete understanding of the experiential lesson(s), then God could certainly allow a soul to experience two or more physical lives taking place on the Earth plane during the same period of time, perhaps even today.

Michael Newton is the author of an intriguing book entitled Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. His subsequent book, Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives, was awarded “Metaphysical Book of the Year” in 2001. In his books, Dr. Newton discusses the concept of parallel lives as the incarnation of a soul into more than one body at a time to speed up incarnations and spiritual growth. An example might be a male engineer living in the western part of North America; at the same time, the same soul may be experiencing a physical life as a woman living on a farm in eastern USA with a husband and children. Here again, on the Soul Side, where time does not exist, the soul is simultaneously experiencing the two lives just described.

In his various books and interview, Dr. Newton also discusses the need for a soul to look at its future lives and life plans, as well as its previous lives and lessons learned, in order to optimize the planning and the conditions of the current life. He explains that time on the Soul Side is more about motion than chronology; thus there is no past, present and future from the soul perspective of time. This concept emphasizes the interconnectedness of the many experiential lives of the soul and how one life can impact another. For further information on Michael Newton and these interrelated topics, you may wish to view this Youtube link.

As a final comment, the book Fragmented Souls very briefly discusses the concept of parallel lives. It points out that at least some cases of ‘parallel lives’ are actually situations of soul fragmentation. Fragmented Souls provides an actual case study as an example.

Simultaneous Lives

An active participant to The Soul Channel asked a question about the recent post on Relative Soul Age, which included the phrase “those who believe that all physical incarnations occur simultaneously”.  The reader asked, “What do you mean by this, and where can we look to understand this concept more?” I responded:

As used herein, the concept of ‘simultaneous incarnations’ refers to all physical lives being played out simultaneously, allowing the soul to observe the effects of changes in one life on another life.

Given the complexity of the concept of simultaneous lives, I promised to write a separate article about it — this article.

Chronological events can occur sequentially or simultaneously. In this case, the word ‘simultaneously’ applies to two or more activities which are going on at the same relative time, but events taking place in one modify what is happening in the next. Let’s examine this further with an example, and recognizing that the concept of time is not significant on the Soul Side. (After all, if God has no beginning and no end, and if all souls he created exist into eternity, what is the value of ‘time’ in such a dimension.)

For this example,  assume that a soul seeks to understand better the concept of unconditional love. The soul chooses to learn this through a series of experiential lessons on the Earth plane across a series of ten physical incarnations. During each of these physical lives, the soul chooses different degrees of ‘absent love’ (perhaps one completely lonely life with no love; others with infrequent loving relationships; perhaps another with a life-long life). Experiencing the absence of love in one or more physical lives is an important experience for every incarnated soul. On the Soul Side, love is eternal and unconditional.

You cannot know love without experiencing its opposite. You cannot understand what it is like to be loved until you have experienced what it is like not to be loved, to close your eyes to all the love that comes toward you, even the unconditional love which I maintain within you. You experience this absence of love through fear. Moreover, you cannot fully understand love unless you experience and understand all of the emotions between love and fear, such as anger, hatred, prejudice, jealousy, vengeance, passion, compassion, caring, sharing, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, forgiving, and more. Only when you have experienced and fully understand all of these emotions can you fully understand love and choose for yourself that state of emotion that will define who you are into eternity. (From the book Listen With Your Heart.)

Looking at our example from the soul’s perspective, the ten experiential lives represent ten experiments; the research subject is the same for all ten lives; only the inputs and the degree of ‘absent love’ vary from one experiment to another. In some laboratories, each experiment must begin and run its full course to a proper conclusion before the next experiment can begin. Such experiments are sequential:  one after the other, and recorded chronologically as experiment 1, then experiment 2, and so forth.

In contrast, very large laboratories have the capability of running all ten experiments at the same time, or simultaneously. For our purposes, we will assume that experiment number 1 is on the left side of our large laboratory, experiment number 10 is on the right side, and the other experiments are set up sequentially between 1 and 10 — yet all are running at the same time. Some experiments may take a little long to run their full course, but all begin at about the same time and run concurrently or ‘simultaneously’ for at least some significant period of time.

The experienced researcher is probably very knowledgeable about this type of experiment and has developed a reliable intuition about the results based on personal experience and extensive experience recorded by billions of other researchers. Therefore, our researcher is able to predict the likely outcome of some experiments with a high degree of accuracy long before they run their full course. In an effort to maximize the efficiency of the experimental processes, our creative researcher chooses to link all ten experiments together, such that making small adjustments to experiment 3 can selectively impact the course and outcome of experiments 2, 6 and 7.

So we can see that multiple experiments can run simultaneously and can be constructed such that any one of them can impact the others sequentially and vice versa.

I believe that humans have a tendency to limit the immense possibilities that God extends to the Soul Side. Souls instinctively yearn to learn; they are consummate researchers, seeking more knowledge, more experience and further evolution…and preferably in the most efficient way. If humans have the ability to run simultaneous experiments and introduce sequential impacts among them, then why would God not give that same or greater ability to the soul? And wouldn’t God also allow a soul to participate in multiple experiences simultaneously; in other words, apply different aspects of the soul energy into each experiential incarnation? Or do humans simply impose limitations on spirituality by restricting such soul possibilities.

People know that the changes they make in their lives today impact the quality of their lives tomorrow. This is true for a single life, just as it is true for future lives. If you do not learn the lessons of this life today, then you will surely recreate a more challenging version of this physical life experiential lesson to take place in a future life. What you do today writes the record for tomorrow. This also means that you can recognize the weaknesses and imperfections of your current existence and persistently change your life for the better; in so doing, you rewrite the record of your future lives. Most spiritualists already know this; now we are adding the dimension that our sequential actions have a concurrent impact on our other lives.

Avatars, Infinite and Transcendent Souls

A recent article on The Soul Channel weblog introduced the concept of a ‘walk-in’. A walk-in is essentially a high-minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart [the physical life journey]. Some spiritualists confuse the concept of a walk-in with an ‘avatar’ (the spirit kind, not the movie kind), but they are quite different.

In her book entitled Strangers Among Us, best-selling author Ruth Montgomery introduces the avatar concept. She describes an avatar as “a superior or perfected soul who returns for a time and then withdraws to the spirit realm, coming and going into physical being at will, but no always wearing the physical body itself. By contrast, those who wish to become Walk-ins have to stay until that life is terminated through normal means, with the body dying.” Some avatars were walk-ins in previous physical incarnations. Read More…

NASA — Relative Size

Consistent with The Soul Channel’s efforts to provide inspirational concepts and information, we have added this NASA link to the Inspirational Web Links at the footer of each page. This amazing NASA link was created by Cary and Michael Huang. It is scalable using either the mouse or the horizontal scroll bar, allowing the user to zoom in or zoom out to compare the relative size of the known and estimated physical universe beginning from extremely small subatomic matter (1x10E-35 m) to the projected size of our universe (1x10E27 m), an incredible 62 orders of magnitude. Every teacher on the planet should have this link in order to share it with their students.

It is important to remember that scientists and spiritualists estimate that this is but one physical universe; others may exist and even other dimensions. If we assume that only 7 universes exist of comparable average size, and if we further assume that each has 7 dimensions, then the combined size is at least 49 times the size of NASA’s scalable projection for our universe. If we sum these individually and eliminate any ’empty’ space among these universes and dimensions, we arrive at 3038 orders of magnitude, which is far beyond the comprehension of human beings.

All of this and more is contained within, and sustained by, that which religions and spiritualists refer to as the the divine Creator, which is but part of why we refer to God as transcendent (beyond comprehension). That makes it all the more amazing that soul mates are ever able to find one another. May we suggest that you always treat your soul mates with loving care.

Soul Groups and Soul Mates

In January 2012, I posted an article entitled “What is the Soul”. The article concludes:

“…that which survives the physical life of a human being is the spiritual aspect and is referred to as the ‘soul’. And stepping backwards, any aspect of a human which existed before conception is also part of that same spirit or soul. Thus we recognize that the soul is that aspect of each of us which survives physical death and continues to live on into eternity.”

A reasonable question might then be: “Do we have any friends or ‘family’ on the Soul Side? Will that aspect of our personality that lived before conception and which will continue to live into eternity live with others we have known before?”

The simple answer is ‘yes’; we refer to that soul family as our ‘soul group’, and our soul friends are commonly referred to as our ‘soul mates’. Yet that is a very simple answer indeed, for there are many competing perspectives on soul groups and soul mates. In the next few articles (posts) we discuss these concepts from multiple perspectives and in the following articles, some of which are still under development:


Caution: Soul Mate Ahead – Book and Concept Review

Any examination of the concept of ‘soul mates’ must surely include a very important book entitled Caution Soul Mate Ahead! by Janet Cunningham, PhD, and Michael Ranucci. While most of the world’s spiritual believers are searching for or yearning for that one special someone they consider as their soul mate, that journey often fails to recognize the true nature of soul mates. In fact, the title of Dr. Cunningham’s book introduces a critical warning about soul mates: “Caution…”.

There are more than 18 million references to soul mates on the internet, including more than one million individual pages, posts and articles. Within these discussions, different terms are assigned for soul mates, such as teacher soul mates, romantic soul mates, twin flames, essence twins, companion soul mates, task companions, sharing soul mates, constant soul mates, karmic soul mates, and so forth. Many of these are shades of the same generic type, helping us to categorize some of the more subtle variations among souls.

For the purposes of this article, we will examine the four general types or categories of soul mates identified by Cunningham and Ranucci in their book and which exemplify the use of the term “Caution” in the title of this important book. Here are the four categories: Read More…

Twin Souls and Twin Flames

Do you know the difference between soul mates and twin souls? Both types of souls are discussed in other articles on The Soul Channel, including the recent article on Janet Cunningham’s book, Caution Soul Mate Ahead!. Soul mates are typically the members of your soul group. In general, all of the soul mates from any soul group tend to work on the same general life theme (love, anger, fear, control, war, disease, genocide, technological development, advances in medicine, etc.).

God does not send you into the physical world alone; there are always at least several members of your soul group in the world at the same time and who you will interact with at different times in your life. These may be one or more parents or siblings (rarely all of them are in the same soul group); special friends or even enemies; marital partners or significant other relationships; one or more of your children. Each of these members of your soul group, including others still on the Soul Side, are referred to as ‘soul mates’.  Read More…

Life Plan

From a soul perspective, what is a ‘life plan’?

A life plan provides structure, purpose and objectives to the physical life journey. Imagine if everyone came to the planet with no sense of purpose at all; life would be much more difficult than it already is for most people, and much of the opportunity to focus on specific learning opportunities would be lost or wasted. Life would be entirely about reaction with very little independent proactive thinking. Read More…

The Special Mother

Photo from Wikipedia

Most people in the USA over the age of 30 remember the name Erma Bombeck and associate it with her humorous newspaper columns and books. Erma passed over in 1996, yet she remains as one of the most beloved and quoted people of the twentieth century. Many of her columns are passed through email and appear on many internet sites. There is even an Erma Bombeck online museum maintained by the University of Dayton, Ohio, Erma’s home town.

Recently, one of our Soul Channel participants sent the following article written by Erma in 1980. It provides a humorous yet insightful look at one possibility of how God might decide which children go to which mothers. I suspect that such decisions are not really made this way, as agreements are made among the souls of parents and children. However, some thought-provoking articles are simply worth sharing again and again. Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John