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Category: Soul Side Support System

Information and discussion on the Soul Side Support System

Sequential versus Simultaneous Perspectives

[This post was revised on May 8, 2012.]

The recent post Simultaneous Lives introduces the concept of a soul experiential experiments across multiple lives at the same time. It is interesting to note that souls on the Soul Side have differing perspectives on this concept depending on which plane of existence they are observing. Here again it is important to remember that the concept of chronological time does not really apply to the Soul Side.

In a recent hypnotherapy session, my client was guided to a very relaxed diagnostic level of hypnosis. In such cases, it is best if the client retains some level of awareness of what is happening — an observer level, which best occurs between the alpha and theta states of consciousness. At that level — which is consistent with brain wave patterns of roughly 8 – 10 cps — it is easy to connect with the Soul Side Support System, including souls, guardians, guides, teachers, etc. During hypnosis, all information is coming through the client’s vocal cords, so the challenge for the therapist is to separate channeled Soul Side information and philosophy (the good stuff) from client bias (filtering of the information received).

During the hypnotherapy session, the client’s spirit guide was asked to comment on the concept of sequential lives versus simultaneous lives. The guide relayed the following:

  •  When I look at events taking place on the dimension of my own existence, I perceive them as occurring sequentially.
  • Yet when I look at events on the physical dimension, from the broader perspective of the Soul Side, I see the entire package of physical events or lifetimes from beginning to end as if they are already completed.
  • Everything is relative to the dimension from which you perceive events and lifetimes.

Based on this simple discussion we can extract that:

  • Observers (humans) on the physical Earth dimension will always perceive time chronologically, and all events and lifetimes taking place on the Earth dimension will be perceived as occurring sequentially. When a human channels the Soul Side, the human is doing so from the middle of a lifetime and is focused on what is happening in the ‘now’ time from their own perspective.
  • Observers on any soul dimension will perceive events and lifetimes taking place on the Earth dimension as occurring simultaneously.
  • From the Soul Side dimension, it is somewhat like looking at an entire set of Olympic games on a single DVD, allowing the soul to move back and forth to examine or replay any specific event over and over again.

Avatars, Infinite and Transcendent Souls

A recent article on The Soul Channel weblog introduced the concept of a ‘walk-in’. A walk-in is essentially a high-minded entity who is permitted to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart [the physical life journey]. Some spiritualists confuse the concept of a walk-in with an ‘avatar’ (the spirit kind, not the movie kind), but they are quite different.

In her book entitled Strangers Among Us, best-selling author Ruth Montgomery introduces the avatar concept. She describes an avatar as “a superior or perfected soul who returns for a time and then withdraws to the spirit realm, coming and going into physical being at will, but no always wearing the physical body itself. By contrast, those who wish to become Walk-ins have to stay until that life is terminated through normal means, with the body dying.” Some avatars were walk-ins in previous physical incarnations. Read More…

Soul Groups and Soul Mates

In January 2012, I posted an article entitled “What is the Soul”. The article concludes:

“…that which survives the physical life of a human being is the spiritual aspect and is referred to as the ‘soul’. And stepping backwards, any aspect of a human which existed before conception is also part of that same spirit or soul. Thus we recognize that the soul is that aspect of each of us which survives physical death and continues to live on into eternity.”

A reasonable question might then be: “Do we have any friends or ‘family’ on the Soul Side? Will that aspect of our personality that lived before conception and which will continue to live into eternity live with others we have known before?”

The simple answer is ‘yes’; we refer to that soul family as our ‘soul group’, and our soul friends are commonly referred to as our ‘soul mates’. Yet that is a very simple answer indeed, for there are many competing perspectives on soul groups and soul mates. In the next few articles (posts) we discuss these concepts from multiple perspectives and in the following articles, some of which are still under development:


Life Plan

From a soul perspective, what is a ‘life plan’?

A life plan provides structure, purpose and objectives to the physical life journey. Imagine if everyone came to the planet with no sense of purpose at all; life would be much more difficult than it already is for most people, and much of the opportunity to focus on specific learning opportunities would be lost or wasted. Life would be entirely about reaction with very little independent proactive thinking. Read More…

The River of Life

What is the ‘river of life’? This concept refers to your life plan and the path it follows throughout your physical life journey. The headwaters or beginning of your river are aligned with your time of conception, picking up speed, depth and breadth as your life progresses. Yet the general form, shape, length and key points along the way were defined back in the planning stages of your life — planned by your soul and your helpful guides during your ‘life-before-life’.

Why is this an important analogy? Once life begins — immediately following conception — we have a rather limited impact on the river of life, just as we have a fairly limited impact on our physical life plan. Certainly the choices we make in life are not all pre-determined, but the big ones are. Not every career or business decision is pre-planned, but all the important ones are, both the decisions that have a substantial impact on us personally and those that have a significant impact on others. Not all the people we meet are included in our life plans, but the significant relationships are, including all the long-term good and bad relationships.  Read More…

Protecting Your Personal Energy System

An excellent comment posted to a recent article on The Soul Channel (Take Responsibility for your Energy) prompted me to write on the topic of personal energy protection which stretches far beyond the concept of energy interaction among living people. This is an important spiritual consideration and a common component of soul therapy. It also opens the door to the domain of entity attachment to your energy field. Read More…

Channeling 2011/11/05 — Many Paths to God and to Heaven

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

I recently wrote a book review for The Soul Channel on Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, in which a boy not quite 4 years old had a near death experience and visited Heaven. Sometime after recovery, the boy seemed quite emphatic that souls cannot get back into Heaven without Jesus in their heart. The Soul Channel is not intended to promote any individual religion, and I personally do not believe that souls who do not accept Jesus as their personal savior cannot go to Heaven. Therefore, I felt a strong need to address this question with the Soul Side and to share the answer on The Soul Channel.

I believe that all spiritual paths lead to God and to the light (to Heaven). Therefore, in this specific session, I am seeking to examine the validity of the little boy’s conviction that the only path to Heaven is through Jesus. I decided to pose this question first to my Council of Elders and then directly to the Creator. (When channeling, never impose limits on who you want to communicate with.)

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled. The date shown below is the actual date the session took place; not the posting date. Read More…

Channeling 2011/11/04 — How Can Spiritual Divinity be ‘Always Available’

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. This might also be considered as a meditation session, as meditation is certainly involved as part of the process of clearing the mind so as to be open to the channeled communications. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

In this specific session, I am seeking to understand how spiritual divinity (God, Allah, Jesus, St. Michael, etc.) are ‘always available’ to communicate and respond to questions and prayer. I decided to pose this question directly to the Creator. (Why not?)

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled. The date shown below is the actual date the session took place; not the posting date.



For this session, I would be grateful to communicate directly with God. Is this allowed, and can we do this within a flexible, multi-session discussion.

Of course, John. It would be valuable for people to understand that I am ALWAYS available, just as I am ALWAYS with and within every person. Similarly, the mechanism or approach to communication is not so important; what is important is the effort made to communicate and the openness for discussion.

Which leads to my primary question and the foundation of this discussion. If we recognize that there are many tens of billions of galaxies within the known universe, billions of star systems within those galaxies, billions of planets within those star systems, and according to Carl Sagan, “the total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet Earth.” How can You be everywhere at once, and how are You able to find time to communicate with even a single being once in a lifetime, let alone being “ALWAYS available”? Read More…

Book Review — “Heaven is for Real”

While walking through the grocery store this past weekend, I ran across a fairly new book entitled Heaven is for Real for Kids: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back. It was published in 2010 and became #1 on the NY Times best seller list in March 2011, with more than 1.5 million copies sold to date. What caught my attention was that the book is about a boy named Colton who had a near death experience when he was not quite four years old. Over the next year or so, Colton periodically and spontaneously related intriguing bits of information about his experience in “Heaven”, including meeting his great grandfather (who died before Colton was born), his miscarried sister (who no one had told him about), angels, Gabriel, Jesus, Mary and even God.

I am an avid fan of books which discuss near death experiences, life-between-lives, and the struggle to be born into a physical life. I especially appreciate when such events are related by small children, as I consider that such children typically apply very little filtering (personal bias) in terms of the information received — aside from being a child observer with limited understanding and a limited vocabulary. Very young children still have memories of their spiritual existence before physical life began, and many continue to communicate with “spirit friends” until age five or even later.

Such is the case with Colton Burpo. I see this young boy as an honest conveyor of what he experienced, observed and was told while visiting the Soul Side. This is a very important perspective, for any such information which is considered to be credible must be balanced against my own spiritual beliefs. In some cases, this can lead to a transcending spiritual experience that can shake, and perhaps subsequently strengthen, the foundation of personal faith, just as it shook the bedrock of faith for Colton’s father and mother.

The events which unfold in the book are related by Colton’s father, Todd Burpo, who is the pastor at Crossroads Wesleyan Church in the small farming town of Imperial, Nebraska, USA. The town of Imperial and parishioners from other small regional towns play an important role in Colton’s experience and somewhat miraculous recovery. Their generosity and prayer remind us that there is no such thing as spiritual coincidence; everything happens for a reason, and so most blessings happen in response to personal and community requests through prayer. Read More…

Q&A — Body and Soul Relationships, 09/21/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


If the soul is eternal and the physical body is finite, then it seems that the soul joins a body and goes along for the ride during a physical life. In this respect, the soul could be seen as a parasite on, or within, the physical body. If this is remotely correct, then it leads to a troubling question: Can a physical body exist without a soul and, if so, how would it behave or live differently than a body with a soul?

Edited Response:

There are two components to this inquiry, which was received as a comment from a participant to The Soul Channel. The first is the concept of a ‘parasitic relationship’ between the soul and the physical body; or do they have a synergistic symbiotic relationship? The second component is the integrated question of the ability of the body to exist without a soul. Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John