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Category: Other Therapies

Information and discussion on therapies related to the soul and to spirituality.

What is Soul Therapy

The Soul Therapist believes that we are all spiritual beings having a short term physical life experience. The Soul Therapist further believes that the Soul of each person has established a plan for maximizing the benefits of each significant positive or negative experience while in the physical life condition. The Soul does not dictate every moment of the physical life experience, but it plans in advance and arranges every significant experience for a specific reason, and that reason is always associated with the advancement or growth of the Soul.

Therefore, it is the Soul which makes the choice of parents, race, color, religious upbringing, relationships and relationship challenges, position or status in life, country and location of birth, timing of physical life departure (death), and the mechanism of physical death. It is the Soul which holds the key to all illness, dysfunction, and healing:  Read More…

Modern Therapies for Alternative Healing

Most people who become physically or mentally ill turn to the medical community for help in controlling, mitigating or preferably eliminating the symptoms. As discussed herein, the term “medical community” refers to all forms of traditional medical practice, including the psychiatric community; as such, it focuses primarily on treatment of the body and the mind of the patient or client, with the spiritual therapeutic component typically being a distant consideration.

Given the extensive experience of today’s medical practitioners and the extraordinary technological advancement of medical science, modern medical practice has substantially improved the quality of life and extended the life of the great majority of people, as well as performing what would have been considered as miraculous healing just one or two centuries ago. Interestingly, the term “miracle” is normally reserved for the spiritual community; we should not be so conservative in the application of the term, for miracles have no boundaries. Equally important, the boundaries of miracles are pushed back when we combine the synergistic healing potentials of body, mind and spirit.

Around the world, more and more people are recognizing and even accepting the healing potential of spiritual therapies, many of which fall into the category of  “soul therapies” as will be discussed extensively in The Soul Channel blog. As evidence of the expanding use of alternative therapies, roughly half of all Danish people have used some form of CAM treatments, and 75% of adults in the USA have used one or more CAM therapies. And of course the Chinese and other Asian countries have used “Chinese medicine,” such as acupuncture, for millennia. Read More…

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