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Soul Fundamentals

This page provides links to various categories of blog articles (posts) on the listed topics.


Frequently asked questions and answers about spirituality and soul topics and issues.


Is there really a soul? Does God exist? What is the difference between spirituality and religion?


Does astology actually work? How does it work? What is a ‘natal chart’? Any free charts?

Soul mates, Soul groups, Twin souls

Did we come here alone? Did I know you before? Are we working on the same issues? What is a ‘twin soul’?

Soul Side
Support System

Do I still have an active connection to the ‘soul side’? What are guardians, guides, teachers, councils?


What is a ‘life plan’? Does everyone have one? Who creates life plans? Can I deviate from my life plan?


What is channeling? Who can channel? Is the information I receive only for me or for someone else?

Channeled Meditations

How can I learn to channel? Is channeling safe? What is the difference between channeling and meditation?

Automatic Writing

What is ‘automatic writing’? Is it ‘new age’ or historically proven? Can I do this? Where can I learn to auto-write?

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