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Listen With Your Heart (LWYH)

LWYH refers to a short, inspirational book translated into many languages and dialects, with the number of translations continuing to grow. It also refers to a project, the LWYH Project, which is about creating more translations in more languages and dialects from around the world. The inspirational information in the book Listen With Your Heart crosses all religious and spiritual beliefs and has several unusual and unique features:


In addition to background information about the channeling session and automatic writing process, ten translations are included within the pages of the original book, in addition to the original English version. This may be the first time that a single book contains eleven languages, and it is certainly the first such eBook.


The core content of the book consists of an automatic writing channeling session which sought information from the highest and most knowledgeable “authority” — in fact, from the root source of all knowledge — and I believe that was source of the reply; essentially from God.


The original eleven-language book is Vol 1 of the Listen With Your Heart series. Vol 2 is the English-only version; additional volumes capture the original English channeled version plus one other language: Afrikaans, Czech, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Russian-Cyrillic, Serbian (Cyrillic or Latin dialects), Spanish and Swedish.

In the waning days of 2011, I was able to complete the conversion of the book Listen With Your Heart — A Simple Meditation in Multiple Languages into an electronic book (eBook) and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Store for distribution, along with many other volumes containing either English-only or English plus one other translated language.

It was an experimental approach, recognizing that Kindle does not accept all languages; so it was necessary to capture some of the languages (e.g., Romanian, Serbian-Cyrillic, Serbian-Latin) as photo images. These were reduced to 6-inch images to allow viewing using a standard Kindle eBook reader. Uploading photo images of language versions not supported by Kindle has some significant limitations — most notable is an inconsistency when Kindle automatically resizes photo images. Image quality also suffers (reduced resolution) when converted within Kindle Desktop Publishing, thereby affecting the quality of text displayed as an image. 

For these reasons, I converted Listen With Your Heart into PDF files that can be downloaded below, with the exception of Volume 1 (all languages) which is under consideration. The PDF versions should be viewable using most eBooks, laptops and tablets, including the iPad; UniCode conversions will be applied if necessary. However, conversion to all languages and dialects will continue to be a challenge and may require an alternative imaging approach; feedback is appreciated as the LWYH Project progresses and more languages/dialects are added.

Thank you in advance for your continuing support. Click on a hyperlink below to download and view your preferred version.

Vol 1 — LWYH in 12 Languages (1.5 Mb)

Vol 2 — LWYH English Only

Vol 3 — LWYH English and Afrikaans

Vol 4 — LWYH English and Czech

Vol 5 — LWYH English and French

Vol 6 — LWYH English and German

Vol 7 — LWYH English and Polish

Vol 8 — LWYH English and Romanian

Vol 9 — LWYH English and Serbian-Cyrillic

Vol 10 — LWYH English and Serbian-Latin

Vol 11 — LWYH English and Spanish

Vol 12 — LWYH English and Swedish

Vol 13 — LWYH English and Russian

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