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Channeling 2011/11/04 — How Can Spiritual Divinity be ‘Always Available’

Introductory Remarks

One of the most important aspects of The Soul Channel is the opportunity to share channeled sessions. This might also be considered as a meditation session, as meditation is certainly involved as part of the process of clearing the mind so as to be open to the channeled communications. For my channeling/meditation sessions, I find it easiest to use automatic writing on a computer, which is discussed extensively in a previous two-part Automatic Writing article/post.

In this specific session, I am seeking to understand how spiritual divinity (God, Allah, Jesus, St. Michael, etc.) are ‘always available’ to communicate and respond to questions and prayer. I decided to pose this question directly to the Creator. (Why not?)

For this two-way (ask and receive) channeling session, all items in italics are questions or comments by the author; all other information is channeled. The date shown below is the actual date the session took place; not the posting date.



For this session, I would be grateful to communicate directly with God. Is this allowed, and can we do this within a flexible, multi-session discussion.

Of course, John. It would be valuable for people to understand that I am ALWAYS available, just as I am ALWAYS with and within every person. Similarly, the mechanism or approach to communication is not so important; what is important is the effort made to communicate and the openness for discussion.

Which leads to my primary question and the foundation of this discussion. If we recognize that there are many tens of billions of galaxies within the known universe, billions of star systems within those galaxies, billions of planets within those star systems, and according to Carl Sagan, “the total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet Earth.” How can You be everywhere at once, and how are You able to find time to communicate with even a single being once in a lifetime, let alone being “ALWAYS available”? Read More…

“Thank you for participating in The Soul Channel!” — John