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Relative Soul Age — Messages from Michael

Several recent articles posted on The Soul Channel discussed Souls, Soul Mates and Soul Groups, Twin Souls and similar soul manifestations. This article continues the discussion by examining relative soul age.

Some people believe that all souls were created at the same moment; some believe a soul is created at the moment of birth; while still others believe they are created in discrete groups. Individual beliefs on the matter are related in part on whether or not the individual believes in multiple physical lives, including past lives. One group that believes souls are created in discrete groups is the ‘Michael group’, which is actually many groups that follow the ‘Michael teachings’. It is important to note that, in this case, Michael does not refer to St. Michael the Archangel; it refers instead to the name of the last physical incarnation of one ‘fragment’ (similar in concept to one ‘soul’ incarnation) of the Michael entity on the earth.

The Michael teachings are based on two extraordinary books: Messages From Michael and More Messages From Michael, both of which were authored by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. The source of information for both books came from channeling sessions by Yarbro and her friends via the use of a Ouija board. For participants seeking more detailed information on the Michael teachings, refer to the official Messages from Michael website, and I certainly encourage those who are pursuing a broader spiritual perspective to purchase the Michael books to balance or perhaps even integrate some of the remarkable discussions with their own personal belief system. Read More…

Q&A — Body and Soul Relationships, 09/21/2011

[From time to time I receive questions through email or blog comments about spiritual and soul therapy issues. I know in my heart that these delightful inquiries from a few kind people actually respond to similar questions by many participants in The Soul Channel. So I have decided to share portions of the questions and responses without identifying the source of the inquiry.]


If the soul is eternal and the physical body is finite, then it seems that the soul joins a body and goes along for the ride during a physical life. In this respect, the soul could be seen as a parasite on, or within, the physical body. If this is remotely correct, then it leads to a troubling question: Can a physical body exist without a soul and, if so, how would it behave or live differently than a body with a soul?

Edited Response:

There are two components to this inquiry, which was received as a comment from a participant to The Soul Channel. The first is the concept of a ‘parasitic relationship’ between the soul and the physical body; or do they have a synergistic symbiotic relationship? The second component is the integrated question of the ability of the body to exist without a soul. Read More…

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